Kentucky Appeals Court Overturns Seizure of 132 Gambling Domain Names is reporting that the Kentucky Court of Appeals has overturned a decision allowing the state to seize 132 gambling domain names and ruled that a trade association may represent the owners of the sites trying to fend off the state.

You might remember the commonwealth of Kentucky seized 132 domain names related to gambling almost 6 years ago, some were domains of actually gambling sites others were just parked pages.

Today the Republic is reporting that Judge Allison Jones ruled the Interactive Gaming Council which is a trade association which stepped in to represent many of the domain name holders is allowed to “step into the case, a move that means the owners of the various sites do not have to be publicly identified”.

“The appeals court sent the case back to Franklin Circuit Court Judge Thomas D. Wingate for further hearings.”

“The ruling comes in a nearly six-year-old battle between Kentucky and gaming website owners.

The state sought to seize the domain names, saying they were allowing illegal gambling.

Here was what the ICA said on the matter over 6 years ago.

IGC fought the seizure on behalf of the domain name owners.”


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