The Russians Are Forwarding The Official Site of The Olympics Sochi.Ru To a .Com


If you have watched any part of the Winter Olympics from Sochi, and I know you have, you have undoubted sighted a domain name banner that is flying across the the venues.

One of the readers of points out that although the domain name is being displayed hundreds of times each day on television stations all around the world,  if you type the domain in it forwards to

I would say it is interesting that the Russian who are an extremely proud nation are in fact forwarding their .RU domain name, the official site of the winter Olympics to a .com domain which falls within United States control.

Not sure what to make of it but its quiet interesting.


  1. says

    “Not sure what to make of it but its quiet interesting.”

    Which is the ONLY extension that says I am a…. “Global Event”? a Global Venture/Enterprise?… I have Global presence?
    Global, International, Worldly, Universal.

    You know darn well the answer.

  2. sumbini says

    The .com gTLD Extension might fall within United States control but it is also the most recognized gTLD Extension around the world. Smart move IMO.

  3. BrianWick says

    just an indication the red machine still does not understand free market capitalism – in fact I do not think they expected anybody to even type the domain in – I mean how many people outside of our small circle even know what “.ru” is ?

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