LinkedIn acquires

LinkedIn made their largest acquistion yet acquiring

Tech Crunch covered the acquisition which coincided with LinkedIn reporting earnings on Thursday.

From the article:

Today, alongside a fourth quarter earnings report in which it beat Wall Street estimates yet again, LinkedIn announced its intentions to acquire data-savvy job search startup,, for $120 million. The deal, which was 70 percent stock and 30 percent cash the company said, will be completed during the first quarter of this year.

In a statement today, LinkedIn said that “several members of Bright’s team,” which now numbers over 50 –particularly those on its engineering and product teams — will be joining LinkedIn in the coming weeks. However, one notices that the announcement conspicuously leaves out any mention of Bright’s founders and whether or not they will be joining LinkedIn’s team in Mountain View.

Along with the company LinkedIn acquires a premium one word .com.

Lately we have started to look at the history of the premium .com names that get used for new start ups or get acquired, many have said they enjoy this feature and we are glad you like it.

Here is the history of Bright .com was already dropped twice prior to its current registration date of 12/20/94.

The domain was owned by a gentleman using it for a business called B-Right Trucking from the earliest record on – 1997


The domain changed in 2005, same gentleman owned it but he changed the company name to Bright Minds.

In May of 2005 the domain went under privacy and left Network Solutions and was moved to as the registrar.

December 0f 2007 the new registrant was Deepti Parvathaneni and the domain was moved to Go Daddy.

The domain went back under privacy and then looks to have been sold on Sedo with Sedo as the registrant on June 6,2010

The registrant then changed to Scot Mollot out of San Francisco.

Then the name went back into privacy and came out with a new registrant name but same address in San Francisco. The name contiuned to change names by those who look to be affiliated with the company that would become Bright Media.

12/21/11 the registrant officially became Bright Media. The company was founded in February of 2011.



  1. says

    LinkedIn Snatches Up Data Savvy Job Search Startup :
    ‘Bright DOT COM’ ….For $120M, In Its Largest Acquisition To Date:

    Why would a Powerhouse of company with a 24 Billion Dollar’ Market Cap and all the very best Marketing Intelligence possible at its disposal… would invest on a company founded, vested and marketed under a DOT COM?
    A future AM Radio, a near Death extension, an extension that means nothing to the consumer …

  2. says

    Congratulations on another great ‘Category defining’ DOT COM premium sale: Malls DOT COM for 320,000 USD

    Nothing says ‘I mean business’ like a premium DOT COM domain…

    All 500 Fortune companies know that, no matter what the fortune tellers say.

    Get DOT COM or sail against the wind, lost traffic = lost business = lost marketshare = lost money…, a costly lesson.

    Madison Avenue knows that, in the last 2 hours I seen at the very least 100 TV ads running (from Big Pharma to small Investing companies to new products) this while watching CNN and CNBC …every single company/sponsor using a DOT COM.

    Any questions?

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