Tnooz “Travel domains going for (not exactly) a song”

Linda Fox wrote a piece today on about being put up for sale for $3million.

Tnooz is a global provider of news, analysis, commentary, education, data and business services to the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. It is the leading voice to the industry for all areas related to travel technology.  So travel related domains are something they might like to write about from time to time.
Ms. Fox took a look at the history of the domain, she left off a 1 when saying the domain was 7 years old, it is actually 17 years old this year. She also wondered about the timing with .Tour coming down the line.
She also took a look at some travel related names over the last few years. From the article:

In the past three years, according to information from domain specialist Sedo, a number of premium travel domain sales have taken place:

  • – $510,000
  • – $70,000
  • – Euro 300,000
  • (Danish summer house rentals) – Euro 87,500
  • (group travel in German) – Euro 59,500
  •  (hotels in Spanish) – Euro 275,000
  • (a region of China) –  $55,000

The company adds that there are more affordable domain such as visiteastlondon, which was sold for $490.

A spokesperson says interest in domain names is high from the travel industry because of increasing numbers of specific travel experiences. was sold by Mr. Berkens


  1. BrianWick says

    the asking price bucks the “dumping” trend that seems to be occurring these days.
    whatever happened to the offering at $5MM

  2. Raymond Hackney says

    They closed it looks Brian. launched in August 2008 for Orkut users and publicly in November 2008. The service lets users log into multiple social networks simultaneously. It also lets users move content from one network to another easily, and contact people across all of their social networks.

    The company was involved in a lawsuit with Facebook, in which Facebook accused of violating CAN-SPAM Act. In April 2011, shut down its service.
    Recent Milestones

    Closed. (4/21/11)
    Dollar received $6M in Series A funding. (2/1/08)
    Posted 12/1/08 at 9:50am via
    Check added Eric Santos as CTO.
    Posted 12/1/08 at 11:08am
    Check added Michael Ross as CFO.
    Posted 12/1/08 at 11:08am
    Check added Steve Vachani as CEO.
    Posted 12/1/08 at 11:08am
    Check added Andreas Stavropoulos as Board of Directors.
    Posted 12/1/08 at 9:50am
    Check added Zak Mandhro as VP Products & Marketing.
    Posted 7/13/09 at 12:11am
    Check added Alex Tabor as Software Architect.
    Posted 1/24/12 at 8:58am

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  3. BrianWick says

    A guy mike smith I think was brokering the domain in 2011 at a TRAFFIC show – likely after its history and past you mention

  4. BrianWick says

    Raymond –
    you bring a real good point as to the value of a tarnished domain in
    I have gone out of my way at great expense and lost revenue to keep doains like, and for example out of the way of charcoal uses

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