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Its not everyday you see a start up built on a .net, I usually see more built on a .co or .me. is a start up focused on DDOS mitigation services. The company got a write up this morning on Tech Crunch. According to Crunchbase the company has raised $9.5 million. Domain wise the domain looks to have been owned by Marchex who sold the domain to the guys from in November of 2012, and they flipped it in 3 weeks to the founder of the start up.

From the article:

Now, one of the pioneers of developing software to fend off DDoS attacks, Barrett Lyon, is today releasing a product from his new startup,, to target this area. DDoS Frontline is effectively a set of cloud-based algorithms and a tunnelling protocol that claims to offer 10 times as much bandwidth and mitigation capacity as older DDoS mitigation providers, doing so without wrecking a network in the process — or, in the analogy that Lyon provided for me, think of DDoS Frontline as a team of firefighters that can douse out a raging conflagration without breaking down all the doors, windows, walls and furniture in the process.

Lyon, a co-founder of Prolexic (acquired by Akamai last year for $370 million) and serial entrepeneur and cybersecurity expert, tells me that while the threat to websites persists, this is an area that existing companies like Prolexic can tackle. What he sees as the bigger issue down the road will be how businesses can protect all IP-connected assets beyond that.

“If you look at what a company like Akamai does it’s focused on protecting a website, but there are a lot of other things that run through a network: chat services, VoIP, games, email. A huge number of things beyond a company’s website,” he explains. “We’ve seen the attacks shift in last couple of years from websites to network infrastructure and other aspects of the net.”

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    Walt Mossberg & Kara Swisher, the founding team of former AllThingsDigital, left the Wall Street Digital and took their staff to start their own Company this month, using the domain, “” & @recode, Walt & Kara are among the finest tech journalists, and Recode already has millions of users/followers/readers.

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