7 New Donuts gTLD’s Available For Registration Tomorrow


According to a press release out today, Tomorrow, Wednesday Donuts Inc., kicks off the general availability period for seven new Internet domain names, (gTLD’s).

The gTLD the will be live available for registration are :








Anyone can register names in these gTLDs on a first come, first-served basis from accredited registrars worldwide.

Next Wednesday, February 5, .CAMERA, .EQUIPMENT, .ESTATE, .GALLERY, .GRAPHICS, .LIGHTING and .PHOTOGRAPHY will be open for registration by anyone interested in an online identity connected to these terms.

Donuts, the largest of the new gTLD program’s applicants, is the first to launch gTLDs in the Latin characters used in English, Spanish, French and other worldwide languages.

“Starting this week, new, relevant and specific Internet naming options will be available on a scale never before seen,” Donuts co-founder and CEO Paul Stahura said. “This is a unique opportunity for businesses, brands, organizations, and individuals to find an online identity that speaks precisely to their products, services and interests.”


  1. DoktorThomas says

    While domain squatters may be buying these silly extensions, two and three letter extensions will always be preferred and used by the general public. Hence only those, when memorable, have and will have true commercial potential. I’d go to “buyagreatdomain.com” or “buybutterdomains.net” a thousand times more than “domain.guru”. So will the non-thinking people who generally proliferate on the web. (Hint: See Facebook. Millions of fools hang there. “Thinking people don’t use Facebook.”™) .com is it.

    The new extensions are designed to take advantage of the squatter market (think P. T. Barnum); nothing more. The ones chosen to date for release are offensively stupid for the most part. Don’t be conned by charlatan profiteers.

    What the industry needs is a time limit. If one buys a domain and does not develop it with a working web site within 24 months, the lease and the concomitant rights should be revoked. ©2014 All rights reserved–text and concepts. Protected by federal law and international treaties. Fair use and other statutory exceptions specifically revoked by author. To quote or use, advanced written permission required. Some of the concepts contained herein pre-date this publication by a decade, or more.

  2. says

    That’s funny Thomas because if I buy land, I don’t have a 24 month time limit to develop that land or I lose it. Also, ‘develop’ and ‘working website’ are subjective. Who would regulate that anyway? We already have 12/24 month time period, its called the expiration date, and if not renewed its dropped. Matter of fact, there’s an entire niche/business model based. around buying dropped domains.

  3. says

    well um, i’d go to whatever TLD is the companies official site. you dont get to “choose” which TLD to go to guys….

    if your bank starts using the .bank TLD then thats the website you’ll go to. what makes this even more absurd is that its domainers saying this – pretending like they’re a common person that “only trusts” .COM

    thats completely ridiculous because as someone who follows domains KNOWS – the TLD doesnt offer security or “trust”

    its FAMILIAR and thats what makes people comfortable using .COM – but domainers saying they would “only visit the .COM and not the .bank ever” is retarded.

    you aint foolin’ anyone. you dont “trust” a TLD. you get familiar with it.

  4. BrianWick says

    “if your bank starts using the .bank TLD then thats the website you’ll go to.”

    A bank may try as use something like “.bank” as you suggest – but rest assured the name of their bank will also have the .com – just like when banks tried (and failed) with the .mobi extension.
    And the new registries could care a less – because they sell a domain / renewal each year

    Just want to make sure you the world know you have no clue what you are talking about

  5. says

    Ryan, say what my man?? Cost is a non issue here. Nothing is free; that’s a given. Domains cost to reg, host and renew each year. I was responding to Thomas’ 24 month time limit rule he’s in favor of. Do you agree with him?

  6. says

    jeff schneider

    Independent Marketing Analyst/Strategist at UseBiz.com / (.COM ) URL Centric Marketing

    Those who get the nuances of this linked article will be the futures Internet Moguls.

    Huge Caveat ! ONLY, if you incorporate words that elicit emotional responses and needs in the .COM Traffic Channel / (Holy Grail Of Mass Marketing). JAS 1/28/14

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  7. says

    @ ontheintersanctum,

    You keep on insisting that if you apply just the right amount of lipstick on other extensions that they will tap into the worlds leading .COM Traffic Channel.

    Do you honestly get that the only conduit to the worlds largest point of purchase consuner pool, can only be accessed through a .COM Business Model CONDUIT ?

    get it?

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  8. cmac says

    well i tried searching for some of these on godaddy to see whats available and the ones that did show as available still say i can only pre-reg them…

  9. says

    they’re live, kinda…

    you can pay like $12,000 and get the domain as long as nobody else ordered the same domain. if i understand correctly, you can order for $12,000 up until about 11:00am EST tomorrow then the price drops significantly..

  10. Raymond Hackney says

    At 101Domain.com

    Upcoming – Starting at 11,990.00 USD
    29 Jan 2014 – Early Access Day 1
    until 30 Jan 2014 15:59 UTC
    Upcoming – Starting at 2,990.00 USD
    30 Jan 2014 – Early Access Day 2
    until 31 Jan 2014 15:59 UTC
    Upcoming – Starting at 1,199.00 USD
    31 Jan 2014 – Early Access Day 3
    until 01 Feb 2014 15:59 UTC
    Upcoming – Starting at 599.00 USD
    01 Feb 2014 – Early Access Day 4
    until 02 Feb 2014 15:59 UTC
    Upcoming – Starting at 159.00 USD
    02 Feb 2014 – Early Access Day 5
    until 03 Feb 2014 15:59 UTC
    Upcoming – Starting at 139.00 USD
    03 Feb 2014 – Early Access Day 6
    until 04 Feb 2014 15:59 UTC
    Upcoming – Starting at 119.00 USD
    04 Feb 2014 – Early Access Day 7
    until 05 Feb 2014 15:59 UTC

  11. says

    yeah, godaddy just changed their form to “buy it now” for $12,500…

    so i guess they are “live” for real, just tiered pricing for the next couple days.

    hey, someone go register fsdgkdfagjkjkd.bike to test this out – i wanna see a live whois.

  12. says

    interesting –

    im looking at domains in .BIKE that were available for at godiddly, for example, for $12,000some yesterday… most of the popular terms dont show this 12k option anymore.. yet when you enter something random like blahblah838.bike at godaddy it still shows the 12k “register today” option..

  13. says

    That is because today is the 1st day of registrations for Donuts domains, which is phase 1 which were priced at $12,500

    Tomorrow the price goes down as it does for the next few days just like the different phases.

    So whether you pre-ordered a domain at phase 1 or you just want to register a Donuts domain today that’s live your going to pay day 1 prices

  14. says

    It looks like most of the premium terms are just being reserved by the registry, so they might not show up as available.

    For example –

    dirt.bike – This name is reserved by the Registry in accordance with ICANN Policy.

    mountain.bike – This name is reserved by the Registry in accordance with ICANN Policy.


  15. says


    hmm yeah but for example, NYC.bike was available to register at $12,000 a few hours ago for Phase 1 pricing…

    now that word and almost all the other popular terms (that are not reserved by the registry) are not available to register for $12,000 anymore, they’ve disappeared and there isnt the option to register at Phase 2 pricing or anything..

    NYC.bike was not reserved by the registry but shortly after live registration opened at 11am EST today that term, and other popular terms do not show ANY Phase pricing at all.

    so unless NYC.bike, NewYork.bike, Chicago.bike were actually registered at $12,000 each i dont understand where they went.

    yet like i said, when you enter random crap like fdjfjdahg.bike, or even maybe less “good” terms stuff like Public.bike is still available at the 12k tier price..

  16. says

    now at godaddy it says NYC.bike “is already taken”

    NewYork.bike “is already taken”

    Chicago.bike “is already taken”

    a few minutes ago, these domains if typed into godaddy still went to the standard price pre-registration page without any tiered pricing options (much like London.bike does right now if you try to register it at godaddy)

    however, a few minutes ago London.bike was still available to register for $12,000… now it isnt. now it just shows the standard registration page for $69.99 on Feb.5th… and in about in hour from now it will probably disappear (for whatever reason) like NYC.bike, NewYork.bike, Chicago.bike just did a couple minutes ago.

    interesting, either the registry is holding them after all or they’re actually getting registered at those prices.

    the way it should look for example is like the result Public.bike gives when entered into godaddy.. shows all the tiered daily pricing options and the standard $39.99 Feb.5th registration price..

  17. says


    …now all those names i mentioned as “taken” are back to going to the general registration page, without tiered pricing options.

    ok im done trying to figure it out for now. strange..maybe registrar glitches i dunno

  18. says

    yeah, some kind of registrar or registry glitch going on..

    if you keep entering domains like NYC.bike at godaddy you come up with varied results even within 5 minutes of typing in the same domain.

    a few times it said “taken”….a few times it just goes to the regular $69.99 pre-registration page, not offering any tiered pricing options.

    and now i just entered it again and it has the $12,000 buy now price back…. do this again in 5 minutes and a different result will come up, not even offering the 12k price or ANY tiered pricing.. it bounces back n forth and im using multiple different computers testing this.

    must be a problem with godaddy i’d imagine

  19. BrianWick says


    Seriously – I think I will stick with CheapBikes.com

  20. BrianWick says

    Come on domo
    no one cares – especially the .bike registry – all they want to do is sell stuff and make money – a lot of money – this is all about selling stuff – not using it :)

  21. says


    and how is that any different than your business?

    Someone wants to buy captialhill.com for $1M do you care if they use it?

    What if it sits vacant for 3 years after the sale, would you refund the sales price

  22. BrianWick says

    Exactly Michael –
    I am in full agreement
    I am the biggest business student of Paul, Frank and even these .bike guys

  23. says

    I hear you and the time before (sorry I didn’t reply I was waiting for other posters replies to specific questions and their silence was deafening)…

    At this point I feel they have push and push so hard that the more they forced the conversation among the domainers the more it backfired:
    eg : “Dot Com is Dead and here come the New Kids in the block” and the absurd unproven reasonings and lack of facts presented…
    they have managed to actually scare away the last few small and medium savvy domainers left in the market.

    Good luck convincing the general public, they need it.

  24. BrianWick says

    student and jealous are 2 different thing – it is just not my business and buying these is clearly not my business – but selling them is pure genius

  25. says

    nah, thats a backpeddle from your earlier comments. i tasted bitterness.

    on a side note, how do you feel that i actually *taste* your comments when you type? does it make you feel strange or do u like it?

  26. Donuts says

    mountain.bike and dirt.bike are on ICANN’s ‘name collision’ (aka NXD) list which means it’ll be a few months before registrars can sell those domains.

    nyc.bike, chicago.bike and newyork.bike are all available now, on a first come first served basis. Individual registrars have different approaches to these first seven days of general availability (the seven days when prices are higher than regular) so you could check at several registrars.

    Richard Tindal, Donuts

  27. says

    We can safely say that the .COM subdomain strategy will successfuly replace any generics designation, the gTLDs can supply. This effectively usurps and strengthens the full Strategic Marketing advantage of the already dominant .COM business model. Our advice to gTLD investors is to immediately formulate exit strategies. JAS 1/27/14

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  28. says

    Perhaps the people from Donuts would like to address this potential conflict:

    Singular and Plural New gTLDs: Costly Headaches
    Aug 04, 2013 10:48 AM by Alex Tajirian (CircleID)

    Somebody who owns, say, .car has to wonder if Internet users will be confused when .cars comes along. The same applies to the owner of .bikes, suspiciously eying the newly created .bike. Whoever owns the original word stands to lose business when the variant word pops up. This poses an unintended harm (negative externality) to the Internet.


    Additionally taken from yesterdays post/article titled ” “The .com is the way to attract traffic and make it easier for your audience to find you.”

    Ezra Gottheil, an analyst with Current Analysis, said :

    “The ostensible benefit is you can get a simple url, like http://www.boston.bikes, but I think you’re much better off sticking with .com, even if it means betterbikesofboston.com,” he added. “The .com is the way to attract traffic and make it easier for your audience to find you.”

    (Noticed he mentioned .bikes the much more intuitive plural)

  29. bnalponstog says

    I don’t understand why you people just don’t “get it.”

    For instance, I’m going to be helping the environment and reducing my carbon footprint by doing my investing using only TDAmeritrade.bikes

    It’s only the beginning.

  30. says



    Yet you illustrate a great point, nothing says COMmmerce/COMmercial better than DOT COM…
    yesterday today and tomorrow.

    You don’t need to think what’s to the right of the DOT…it’s implied.

  31. says

    crazy man.. everything is getting registered right now. i dont see how this sort of momentum could continue across hundreds of TLD’s.

    i didnt like any of these first 7.

    noticing a lot of the same names in the whois tho… WELCOME NEW DONT-MAINERS!

  32. says

    sorry guys, somebody beat you to them:


    “cat.clothing” is still available though…

    not nearly as wide of net as “human.clothing” (< yes, thats actually registered)

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