Juan Diego Calle of .CO: Want to Control Your Brand Experience? Look to Top-Level Domains

Tech Cocktail did a piece on Juan Diego Calle from .CO Registry. In the video Juan talks about his start in the Internet in 1999, that his first business went bankrupt, he talks about how he got started with .CO in 2009. He talks about building a community and the ROI on getting early adopters with credibility. He also calls .com a wasteland.

From the article:

With the gradual release of new top-level domains (TLDs), 2014 is going to be a big year for the Internet. It’s all very exciting for Juan Diego Calle, the CEO of .CO, who believes that access to new TLDs will bring about new business innovation and improve control of a business’ brand experience.

The impact of gTLDs is expected to be huge, and has motivated even .CO to plan to launch its own new TLDs. This expansion will allow the company to attract niche markets that require domain extensions that may be more suitable than its current .CO offering.

They included a video which I have posted below, the video was recorded in late November 2013.


  1. says

    He also calls .com a wasteland……

    .co a wasteland.

    “that his first business went bankrupt” —- another bankrupt coming soon.

    what re people smoking lately? back to my puffs

  2. says

    now click your heals together and repeat after me…

    “1,000+ TLD’s is just about the same as .mobi, .biz, .co, etc…”

    “1,000+ TLD’s is just about the same as .mobi, .biz, .co, etc…”

    “1,000+ TLD’s is just about the same as .mobi, .biz, .co, etc…”

    ….oh please oh please oh please make it so…. i cant bare another 20 years and im grumpy and tired.

  3. BrianWick says

    The guy is a sharp dude.
    but what do the folks that bought into his .co hook line and stinker think about now having to buy into a bunch of new non.coms

  4. Alan says

    He’s getting ready to sucker everyone again with a “.co.com” scheme because he’s making less and less with .co renewals.

  5. says

    An interesting video. He is a very sharp marketer. He is also right about .com and its 30-50% usage. However web usage in some TLDs is well below that (approximately 11% to 25% for the non-core gTLDs). The repurposed .co ccTLD is effectively a non-core gTLD by design. It has correspondingly lower usage than a typical mature ccTLD or .com TLD. The interesting thing is that it had more redirects to sites outside the ccTLD than active websites the last time I ran a major survey. While it has a worldwide appeal and has registrants in many countries, it is still very much a US focused TLD.

    I’m not so sure that the price point issue on domain names prevents cybersquatting. There have been discounts from various registrars that reduced that price but the real problem has been some of the “anchor tenants”. The high value keywords being scooped up or withheld by the registry dampened the Land Rush effect but it also hit the credibility of the ccTLD amongst domainers in that they realised that they couldn’t get their own gold nugget because all the big ones were gone. This led to a bit of a secondary rush where keyword domains (Exact Match Domains) were targeted and then pointed to the registrant’s primary website in another TLD. However Google’s messing with EMDs over the past few years affected that strategy.

  6. frank.schilling says

    Thanks Domo.. that comment was many years ago before we all realized these were coming like a flood. With one new G nothing changes. With 1000’s it’s a game changer. Buy the good ones at registration prices. There won’t be that many in the end.

  7. says

    Hey Frank ,
    And so is this comment from you (circa 2007/ SevenMile DOT COM):

    “It Is Impossible To Stop The Dot Com Tide. Simply Try To Imagine How Dot Com Plays Into Our Lives As You Digest It”
    domainnamesales DOT COm /sevenmile/2007-06/why-its-impossible-to-fight-the-com-domain-tide/
    My question to you:
    What did it “actually factually” changed?

    Do you agree that DOT COM is or will be a wasteland? and if so…
    How would the Domainnamesales’ brokers answer if someone pointed to that “wasteland” comment? or the Future AM Radio scenario?

    and if timing is the concern…
    in your own words 3 months ago:
    “”There is no one gTLD that will displace the Dot Com..It’s not going to happen”

    youtube DOT COM /watch?v=izsxteuqhv8
    minute 19.30

    “No one can serve two masters for either…”



  8. says


    Frank can answer for himself but in 2007 there wasn’t a new gTLD program.

    We didn’t even start writing about new gTLD’s in 2008

    So that is what fundamentally changed the ability for pretty much everyone to apply for pretty much any extension you wanted and operate it

  9. says

    WHY as a domainer 1,000+ TLD’s in a tidal wave is better than 10 spread across 10 years:

    1.) its not your money so who cares which TLD fails.

    2.) more awareness

    2.5) more awareness all at once.


    3.) who cares what it will cost the registry cause it isnt your money!

    4.) do you get it? if .ninja “dies on the vine” it isnt your money and has no effect on anything if it “doesnt work out”

    seriously, why do domainers care which gTLD’s “fail”? heres a secret: they really dont because they drop domains all the time when something doesnt work out. its a game played by percentages.. a few big wins or several medium sized wins = profit even when most domains remain unsold. duh.

    having 100’s of different registries operating different .things at once will raise awareness more than .mobi or .travel…. again WHO CARES which ones dont work out…. lots of domainers hold large portfolios and only sell a certain percentage of them EVEN WHEN they’re motivated to sell and this formula works.

    if you’re a domainer, you should probably stop looking at it from the registries perspective…

    saying some will “die on the vine” is silly and misses the point.. you got dozens (eventually hundreds) of registries with some *THING* to sell and they’re operating all at once… that means awareness and it doesnt matter what it cost.. for a domainer its free advertising on a MASS scale that gTLD’s exist… THAT is the difference between .mobi .biz .travel .pro and even the re-purposed .co TLD which has done OK..

    the “need, want, desire” is taken way too far too… a lot of the world is a consumer society and we can be sold anything. advertising and awareness can make people WANT stuff… half the things in this world are not necessary but things we buy because of influence… having HUNDREDS and eventually 1,000+ TLD’s operating at once will definitely tell people gTLD’s exist which has aware been the first major barrier to .weird (anything not .com or .normal)

    thats why .com purist are so mad. if they really think about it they KNOW it will raise awareness and so they have sour grapes… so they point out that a lot of gTLD will “fail” (or at least not make any profit, or operate at a slight loss) in an attempt to level out the hype.

    yes there will be hype. but being on one extreme side or the other is ridiculous… its 1,000some TLDs… they’re going to get noticed. its hilarious people deny this part..

  10. says

    “So that is what fundamentally changed the ability for pretty much everyone to apply for pretty much any extension you wanted and operate it”
    and in turn how that has affected DOT COM?

    Which of the following statements do you agree with:

    “… .com a wasteland.” ?
    “”There is no one gTLD that will displace the Dot Com..It’s not going to happen”?

  11. BrianWick says

    domo –
    its all about selling stuff – not using it.
    and the only way to prove that the new non.com’s will not be used is for guys like juan calle to sell them first.
    these guys are smart – and the guys that buys these new non.coms – well ???

  12. says

    @BrianWick, RE: “these guys are smart – and the guys that buys these new non.coms – well ???”

    oh brother… hey dont get that tattoo, piercing, dont get a mohawk and color it green… you’ll never be able to find a good job! nobody will take you seriously! grow up! get with the program and fall in line!


  13. BrianWick says

    interweb –
    you talk like a frustrated guy who has been sold a bill of goods – hopefully not too bad of a hickey

  14. says

    great response brianwick..

    now put on that suit and tie, cover up those tattoos, take out your piercings while you work here and don’t talk back to me mister! dont get noticed, blend in, go to college, do your job and be quiet. this program works for everyone.

  15. says

    well gee, at least wait until they’re actually out and available for live registration to say that…

    its like the guy that keeps posting the huge list of companies saying SEE AH HA they all use .COM…. or when a new gTLD registry is operating on a .COM people say AH-HA! told you – they’re not even using their own TLD!

    um, sometimes its because the new TLD isnt even live yet, so what the hell would they use, .info?

    just because a bunch of new gTLD’s exist doesnt mean registries selling them have to treat .COM like fuggin Kryptonite… probably not all of them see it necessary to go out of their way to use .biz or .info just to prove a point.

    because the reality is in todays world it is still “not the norm” to use TLD’s other than .COM and respective country codes… pretending its gonna be like that in a 1,000+ TLD world is sort of a weird thing to believe.

    the financial situation of the registries and how widely used a specific TLD is used is an entirely separate debate really…

  16. says

    We’re witnessing a pivotal change, a wave shift, so feel free to take it for what it’s worth: a life’s experience, a new route, an invitation to roam and discover new opportunities.

    ontheinterweb, I like your style, please contact me.

  17. says

    Hello MHB,

    For the benefit of those not in the know, the worlds records for highest ROIs of any asset class , ( that are continually being reset in the .COM Non disclosure market ) , belong to the .COM Business Model, which remains the Point of Purchase Epicenter to the Worlds Largest Consumer Base. All these other promotional sound bites are just noise.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  18. says

    Hello MHB,

    The .co.com mirage will soon be an afterthought. It infringes on both .COM and .Co. Don’t you lawyers know that you cannot drink your own Kool-Aid ?

    The biggest paper tiger, that has a drone cruise missile locked in on it is the .co.com savior, the top minded .COM knockoff. If there was ever a Titanic leaving port this is it. Be sure you settle all your affairs before you board this ship of fools. Hang onto your deck chairs, you will need them to stay afloat.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

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