Oversee.net Launches New Travel Site Dedicated to 2-4 Day Getaways: WanderWe.com

Oversee.net announced tonight, that is launched a new travel site,  Wanderwe.com, where “weekend travelers can now book all aspects of their weekend getaway including hotel, activities and tours. ”

“WanderWe, the only online travel site completely focused on the 2 – 4 day getaway market, focuses on flexible destination search for travel within the next 60 days. ”

“This means they can search for unique experiences based on budget and lifestyle interests, narrowing down their choices after exploring personalized itineraries. WanderWe speaks directly to over 50% of US travelers who are flexible on their destination.

Functionality includes:

• Search: Using proprietary algorithms combined with original editorial content, WanderWe provides recommended itineraries for popular short trip destinations in California, the Northeast, and Metro DC areas.

• Explore on The Go: WanderWe can be used on the tablet and desktop platforms. Its Tablet first approach means that travelers can take WanderWe with them.

• Book: The only all-in-one booking platform focused on the 2-4 day getaway market, WanderWe brings the “shopping cart” to travel, letting users book hotels, activities and tours all at once with a single sign on, without leaving the site.

You can watch a video on the service here:


Probably not the best domain in the world, especially when you consider that Oversee owns some reported 1,000,000 domain names.

To me it sounds like the name of a  frequent urination product.

WeWander.com would have been a lot better or theGetaway.com which is owned by Marchex



  1. Jon Schultz says

    Not a great brand name, in my opinion. We could have given them Travelica.com somewhat reasonably, which I think would have been better than that.

  2. says

    Ahhh oversee we have a problem, anyone use this site yet, expedia destorys this product, which seems like it was made by a 1st year computer science student, the functions are not true, the results are generic, and there is nothing unique about this product, you are missing out by not using expedia, or the other big guys… They let you choose amount of days, no big secret, but good on you in developing your domains, bad choice of name.

    Honest feedback guys, you can’t pay the right people to point these things out.

  3. bnalponstog says

    Tough crowd.

    “But worry not, mobile mavens!” Uh, the traveling Renaissance fair called and they want their catchphrase back!

  4. PunkRock says

    Talk about a a definite taking a dump on the domain industry when a giant domain portfolio holding company like oversee uses a $5 domain to compete in a multi billion dollar travel industry

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