New Pizza Chain Spends a Whole $500 To Secure Its Brand,









This is a new pizza chain starting to gain some momentum has now added South Florida to its locations.

Your Pie which started in 2008 the same year  the domain name was acquired the domain at a auction for a whopping $500, which is now the name for the pizza chain which is busy franchising locations.

The chain is now in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Another example of someone selling a highly brandable domain name for pennies on the dollar.




  1. says

    @ Adam

    Yeah, it looks like it sold in early 2008. Looking at the whois history I don’t think it has changed ownership since then.

    It was a great brand at a great price for the buyer.

    It just shows as an end user with a little creativity and research you can secure a great .COM at a great price.


  2. says


    “but…but all the good names are taken. I can’t afford $50k-$100k for a domain name for my company”.

    Just another example that with some thought and research, you can find find a good name for cheap or a $.99 discount code to hand reg a name. The average car payment is something like $450/mo. They paid $500 for their No excuses.

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