ABC/Univision Launch New TV Network Tonight & Goes With a Net: Instead of For Its Site

A new television network is launching tonight in the United States, Fusion Network, a joint venture between ABC/Disney and Univision.

According to Fusion is an  24-hour news, lifestyle and entertainment channel aimed at English-speaking Millenial’s and combines the resources of ABC News and Univision.

Fusion is based in a converted studio facility outside Miami.”

On the domain name front the newest national network is going with a .Net for its website which is is registered to the Fusion Company out of Richmond Virgina through the Brand Protection company and is a operating website which probably was not available for any price.

It looks like  has also been in use for many year and was not available.

If your thinking that the .TV version of the domain name would be the better choice than the .net, well the network owns the as well, and that domain name forwards to the

So what do you think?

Should the network have branded around the .TV domain or the .net?

It is a television network so its hard to argue one against the other since the were smart enough to get both domains.

Still its a nice boost for .Net domain names and Verisign which is the registry for .net and has been running the Best of the .Net  campaign.

Of course Verisign also operates the .TV registry so it couldn’t lose either way.


  1. Jon Schultz says

    That may be because there’s a trademark on “Fusion TV” and a website at It doesn’t look like the company at is the one with the trademark, but I’m not sure.

    Also, if you do a WHOIS at DomainTools on, it shows that the domain was for sale at Sedo and was last updated in August. They may have bought for less than Sedo reports.

  2. says

    They are called Fusion NETwork so is not a bad domain. So while the .COM crowd will go on about traffic leakage, they decided to go with something other than .COM rather than change their name or use a three-word .COM.

    Regarding Miami TV networks, I’m not sure when Telefutura changed their name to Unimás but when I hear that name (my wife watches a novela or two), I don’t like the sound but I guess Univision didn’t want a brand that sounded like Telemundo.

  3. says

    Garp, they didn’t go for the .com because as Mike stated “it wasn’t available”, the parent companies use among others :
    go.COM abc.COM disney.COM espn.COM Univision.COM etc etc

    Amazing demographic data (Hispanics) towards the end of the video, you are probably already familiar with the “Hispanic” influence in the USA since both of you are in Florida :–20698713

    Even more shocking :

    “For the first time, the Spanish-language Univision network will have a larger audience than its English counterparts for a full month in the youthful demographic that television advertisers are most eager to reach.

    Univision’s average of 1.81 million viewers aged 18-to-49 so far in July tops Fox, NBC and CBS, who are all clustered just under 1.5 million, the Nielsen company said on Tuesday. ABC has 1.15 million.”

  4. says

    I’m surprised that they haven’t also purchased for a redirect as I’m sure that this domain will now gain leaked traffic. The owner of will surly be very happy.

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