Quick Poll: Which of The 9 Donuts New gTLD Starting Sunrise In Oct Will Have The Most Registrations?

This week we wrote a post about Donuts starting to accept Sunrise Applications on its first 9 new gTLD’s on October 29.

Our poll question today is which of these new gTLD strings will have the most registrations by the end of March 2015?

Why March 31st?

Well since Sunrise (for trademark holders) last 60 days and landrush follows which will be in at the earliest in January, 2014,  General availability ( the day you can go to registrar and register a domain) may not start until March, so basically we are asking which of these 9 new gTLD will have to most registrations one year after launch.

And of course ICANN publishes monthly registry reports each month so the date has to be the last day of the month.

Whether you think they will do 100 registrations or , or 1 million, no two will have the same exact number and the number won’t be zero.

You can vote on the right in the poll and if you want to make any exact picks as to the numbers of registrations for any string or for bragging rights you can put those predictions in the comment section as well

Here are the nine:











Of course we have our own pick and will let you know a week or so from now as to not effect the poll results.


  1. Michael says

    .singles would do the best in my opinion. You could have State.singles or City.singles for all around the world, and also every dating category like religion (Jewish.singles), orientation (Gay.singles), fetishes (BDSM.singles), etc. Lots of possibilities.

    I’m not saying I think it’ll be a home run, just that it’ll do the best compared to the other junk that has a very limited number of domains that would be desirable. The next best I think would be .guru because you could have every profession or topic where people can be an “expert” (SEO.guru, RealEstate.guru, Electronics.guru, etc).

    All the others I think are too specific/limiting.

  2. dotnormal says

    It is hard to select an extension to vote on because they suck so bad. I hate to inadvertently endorse one. LOL How about voting on who gets the least amount of registrations (sucks the most)? That might be .camera.

    If pressed, I think .guru gets the most but the domains registered on that extension will still all be pigeonsh*t, even the “premium” ones IMO… What a stupid group of new gTLDs!

  3. accent says

    .LIGHTING gets my vote as the worst. It is hard to think of a single premium. Stage.lighting?? Home.lighting? Disco.lighting? (too late for that one.)
    Seems like the term is Electrical, lighting usually is grouped together with the rest.

    Add an “N” … .lightning would be an improvement. Fast and powerful. Lube.lightning, shop.lightning GoCart.lightning. Did anybody get that one?

    How about which ones are no longer available to register March 2015? Don’t forget Donuts created a corp for each of these so they could easily bankrupt one without effecting the others. My guess is that .lighting, .equipment and .holdings will not survive the first big payment due ICANN in a year or so.

  4. says

    I’m sure that .singles will the most popular of these nine TLDs. I’m also sure that 99% of the .singles registrants will be nitwit affiliate marketers registering domains because they think it will make it easier to get their crappy bridge pages listed in search engines.

  5. says

    Which of The 9 Donuts New gTLD Starting Sunrise In Oct Will Have The Most Registrations March 31, 2015


    I don’t mean to dwell on this, but I can resist pointing out some of your editorial methods that bother me; you purposefully did this poll without providing a “NONE OF THE ABOVE”, and I think that it’s just wrong to do that. I had to, reluctantly, point this one out to you. It bothered me a lot.

  6. says

    lol im pretty sure im not the only one who thinks your posts are endearing, domenclature.

    “im not gonna read your blog anymore if you dont/do…….”

    – taken seriously by nobody ever but uttered by 8 year olds everywhere.

  7. says

    I think .clothing will see the most sunrise registrations. Hard to tell which one will have the most registrations a couple of months after sunrise close…

    @Domenclature.com: If you ask ” Which of The 9 (…) Will Have The Most Registrations?” and then list all 9 options, I don’t think the question actually leaves an option for “NONE OF THE ABOVE”. Or maybe you would be expecting for all of them to have exactly the same amount of registrations, which seems unlikely.

  8. says

    Number of registrations is a poor way to determine the success of a registry.

    For example, there are registries like .TK which are free and had 16M+ regs as of May 2013, making it the ccTLD with the most registrations. How many people have even heard of that extension?

    In this poll are we assuming all these extensions are priced at the same level?

    The registrations will depend on the price. If the price is free or really cheap there will be a lot of regs. However that does not necessarily correlate to success.

    Awareness, usage, and credibility is a better indicator of success than total domain registrations.


  9. says


    Yup makes sense, but its a lot of variables to put into a poll

    Although its just a wild guess since its the same company opening up on the same day I’m going to say the prices for registrations will not be that far apart from the other but if Paul or any of the other Donuts guys want to give us any pricing info that would be great

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