ICANN Publishes Final Community Priority Evaluation (CPE) Guidelines

ICANN published final Community Priority Evaluation (CPE)  Guidelines last night,  in advance to the  (CPE) commencing.

The “Guidelines are to ensure quality, consistency and transparency in the evaluation process. ”

“The CPE Guidelines are an accompanying document to the Applicant Guidebook, and are meant to provide additional clarity around the process and scoring principles outlined in the AGB. ”

“The Guidelines do not modify the framework or standards laid out in the AGB.”

View the final CPE Guidelines [PDF, 1.85 MB].

“The CPE Evaluation Guidelines were developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the firm selected to perform CPE.”

“On 16 August 2013 ICANN posted a draft version of the document for community comment.”

“This version was given careful consideration by EIU and takes into account all feedback from the community.”

I don’t see a red line version of the final CPE Guidelines so its not immediately clear how it differs from the draft version & I’m about to catch a plane back to the US from the London new gTLD conference.

I’m sure some applicants will have comments throughout the day on this.


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