Marchex’s Archeo Puts Up Its Zip Code Portfolio For Sale After Selling 1 Domain In The $50K-$100K Range

As I reported earlier today, Marchex’s (NASDAQ: MCHX) Archeo unit put up over 200,000 domains for sale on its new marketplace

Yesterday in my chat with Rod Diefendorf the COO of Marchex I asked about Marchex project involving thousands of Zip Code .com domain names they company has acquired.

Basically that project is off the table and all the Zip Code domains are for sale.

A few weeks ago we wrote about that buyers from China were inquiring regularly on the “zip code” domains actually domains regardless of whether they stood for a zip code or not.

Mr. Diefendorf confirmed they were getting a lot of inquiries for the type of domains also from Asia.

Archeo’s tells me that the domain have fetched as high as $50,000-$100,000

Of course is in a class of its own but still good to hear there is a lot of interest in five numbered domain names whether they relate to a Zip Code or not.





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