Acquired By Zuckberberg From Domain Investor After He Owned It For Just One Month

Domain name investor Daniel Thralow may have made one of the great flips of all time on the domain name which Facebook Founder Mark Zuckberberg announced last night was the name of  his project to bring the Internet to the 5 billion people who don’t have access.

The domain was sold by Andrew Rosener of Media Options Inc in July who just acquired it back in April.

The domain was listed in newsletter back on April 24th for a listed price of $75,000 who said at the time:

“”Today we have a special opportunity for you with the availability of! ”

“This is a PR4 domain registered all the way back in 1993.”

“Particularly powerful as a .ORG domain, has many possible uses. The name conveys instant credibility and organization. Internet service providers, an internet safety watchdog, an internet consulting firm, a spam or fraud list, and more… Listed at $75,000, a domain like this is rare!”

Domain name investor Daniel Thralow who bought the domain name for an undisclosed amount in just July,  now has sold it to what promises to be one of the most talked about Internet projects.

I reached out to Mr. Thralow though who told

“Some people collect art, some people collect wine…

“I happen to love domain names.

“Over the years I have owned,,, and a few more.

“Nevertheless, was my “Picasso”.

“I thought I would own it forever.

“While I did receive a very fair price for the domain, I miss it very much. It helped to learn it was going to be used for such a great project. ”

Its another success story in the domain investment industry where many simply say all the good domains are gone.

As Dan should if you collect rare and valuable assets like fine wine and art they continue to appreciate in value through good times and bad.

Big shout out and congrats to all involved in the transaction


  1. says

    Well you know ballpark what he bought it for and you read his quotes about how he felt about the domain, so you will have to make an educated guess as the seller is not going to disclose the price

  2. Grim says

    It’s a great name. He did say he received a “very fair price” for it, which is a bit vague… but usually when you put the words “very” and “fair” together, that suggests it was probably pretty generous. Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess.

  3. says

    “Some people collect art, some people collect wine… I happen to love domain names. Over the years I have owned,,, and a few more. Nevertheless, was my ‘Picasso’.”


    Just confirms what RSchwartz and MHB have been saying forever, ie, to wait for the ultimate end user when selling premium domains. In this case, that was all of one month. Great story indeed.

  4. LSM says

    “Think this just escalated pricing on NewInternet.Org”

    Do you really think that?
    Because if you do, let me introduce you to a critical thinking error that probably results in you not being very good at this.

    This did NOTHING to “” one way or the other.

  5. says

    We should certainly know how much Mr. Zuckerberg paid for this. – Can you please reach out to the buyer and ask him to publish the price. I don’t think there would be ever and NDA or something that avoids him to cover this up.

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