DomainSponsor Our Two Month Test Yields Shocking Results: DS Wins

Back in April we were approached by to do a test on their parking system. said they had spent a lot of time and money on revamping their parking system, had all new people working for them and wanted to know how their new and improved system would stack up against Frank Schilling’s

I agreed to do a test with about 19,000 domain names I had parked over at (IT) with two conditions; one, they had to guarantee me the earnings of the domains by matching what they were earning at IT for the two month period and second, I would publish the results good or bad.

I was very honest with the DS folk, I thought they would lose their shirt on the guarantee as the last time I was with DS prior to InternetTraffic the portfolio did not perform well to say the least.

The test started May 1st and run until July 1.

Our revenue guarantee deal was $994 commission/day for 61 days.

Over that time, DomainSponsor (DS) earned  $1,054 a day winning 67% of all domains that earned revenue during the test.

Of domains where minimal revenue was eliminated, DS won 8,207 domains by 10% or greater and lost 5,879 by 10% or greater.

The average % lift on names won by DS by more than 10% was 363%.

Finding that another parking provider even having the same upstream provider performed better on some domains is not a new concept.

We have a/b tested our domains for many years amongst the providers which performed better overall knowing that the worst return is leaving all domain names parked with one parking company.

We dropped DS from our testing a while ago but now having run the test we are going to be leaving the “winners” with them while moving the “losers” back to the platform they performed better with.

Here are the results:

Description Total Domains Winners Losers % won
All domains with revenue 19790 13247 6543 67%
Winners/Losers by +-10% (minimal revenue removed) 14086 8207 (+10%) 5879 (-10%) 58%


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    I should add that the reason why I believe that ParkLogic is better than Above is that they are different solutions. Above does a great job as a sell managed solution where the domain owner does much of the work. ParkLogic is pitched typically as a complete solution where outsourcing the management and optimisation of a domain portfolio is best.

  2. says

    I did not know that this was a thread to boast about your platform, put our service down and give a biased assumption? Actually, I expected better from someone like you. Yes we ran a test with you, and we have tested and continue to test everything we can, as all good domainers should be doing.

    As for who is better, we both have our strengths, we just dont have the same weakness, as we do not take a cut of all domain parking revenues like you do.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always respected what you do MG, and its a valuable service for some. I just dont like giving out a share of my parking revenues, when Above based on my very biased opinion, is the best on the market 😉

  3. says


    Do you know how many lawsuits have been filed against Google arising out of its advertising product?

    More importantly do you know how many Google has lost


    That’s the answer.

    1. you don’t have to use Google if you don’t like the lack of transparency they give don’t use them.

    2. The issue of lack of transparency, which is one I have raise on many occasions at the end of the day means nothing if the numbers flush out. Which is to say if you spent millions of dollar filing and pursuing this lawsuit and at the end of the day you might just find out Google paid you all the money they were suppose to using their algorithms which they are never going to have to disclose as it is one of the highestly guarded trade secrets right up there with the formula for Coke.

    So why not spend your time and energy on making the most you can make with the domain you have

  4. says


    I think a lot has been lost in translation

    So lets revisit

    At the end of the day DS did better than the guarantee, on the portiion of domain names I had at IT

    Therefore the guarantee which I needed in place to try DS because i had little confidence that they would do as well as IT, became irrelevant after the first few days as the actual earnings were high overall and now having moved back the losing domains to IT I’m well ahead of where I was on the IT portfolio when it was all parked at IT.

    However I think since most people know I own substantially more than 20K domain names people would also know I didn’t have all my domains parked at IT.

    We just used IT to test with since they had the same upstream provider.

  5. says

    Owen MANY years ago I was in the 900 business and a Company Called Telesphere came on the scene back then you were 90 out on payments not 15, 30 or 45 like today.

    So for the same reason you just expressed I always felt like Telesphere would be belly up and I would get stuck with not getting paid for three months of revenue.

    Long story short I was right many years later the company went out of business and people got stuck for money they were owed but on the other hand had I used their service when I could have I would have made millions in the years they were in operation.

    So yes I didn’t lose $300K of revenue at the end I would have gotten stuck holding but I lost millions of dollars over the years before by not doing business with them.

    Lesson learned

  6. says

    “Buy you had your board and was one of the biggest domainers out there and one of the top 5 most influential, so you sure you didn’t get any special treatment?”

    Ya think they needed to pay me another $4 Million annually for that?

    As another commenter indicated it seems it was because they used feed. But that was all inside baseball to me and meant nothing. I just move around and test and found out who pays what. I tested DS, Sedo, Fabulous, and others at the time.
    I did not announce what I was doing. I just pointed a couple domains and then a couple more and a couple more. The stats were live. I just sat and watched.

  7. sukhjin says

    @Michael, they are overpaying you , 50 bucks a per day haha, but what Rick trying to come across is that this post should not be called a test. It should be called, “DS, willing to pay little extra to some domainers if they write reviews which ofcourse will be good, since they will be paid little extra.

  8. DrDomainer says

    I believe once all these gTLDs hit the market, parking revenue will be higher than years ago with some premium domains. I don’t like parking domains but I believe this is going to happen.

  9. JNet says

    SmartName is NameMedia’s Domain Parking platform…. How do they stackup/compare to DS and IT …. and/or the other major parking companies

  10. says

    @Mike Berkens:
    in regards to your reply …
    It seems to me I read a ‘somehow’ different point of view from you back in 2011

    All I am saying is we could use more transparency, and perhaps only litigation one day will open that possibility… never say never.

    Very few domainers know the actual % paid to them, % earned/generated by THEIR domains…
    The actual/factual % and not some: B.S quote such as :
    “Don’t worry…You are at the highest possible Paid bracket”

    The Subsidizing of lesser quality portfolios is not a secret.

    Since we have a few parking companies reading this thread I ask …
    Who among you tell their customers the actual % they are getting paid?

    And yes Mike, I am moving to perhaps less productive but safer areas of domaining (including a simple exclusive “For sale landing page” no-ads), away from parking and it’s huge liabilities, I am sick and tired of Google over-riding/ignoring genuine keywords rather relaying on the “visitors” history search/navigation to serve ads in many cases totally irrelevant and worse yet “Potentially TM conflicting “all of this in the name of a few cents while risking nothing…

    end of rant.

  11. BrianWick says

    DrD –
    “once all these gTLDs hit the market, parking revenue will be higher than years ago with some premium domains”

    Yes PPC for .com portfolios will do better and .com domains sales will move noticeably to higher levels and the new registries – like .shop, will make fortunes – yet virtually all speculators in the new domains will lose their ass.

    So David commenting on ParkLogic’s comments on this thread-
    “I did not know that this was a thread to boast about your platform,”

    I think this thread was exactly about parking companies boasting about their platforms :)

  12. JamesD says

    MB, did the higher rev come from an increase in ctr or cpc? And how did reported traffic fare please?

  13. says

    @ Domo Sapiens
    I can only speak for ParkLogic…..we publish all numbers as gross figures (ie. actual domain earnings). We then tell the domain owner their exact revenue share and then publish our actual earnings right alongside their own in their account area each and every month. It can’t get more transparent than that. All parties know what each other is earning from the traffic.

    On the other side…..we deal with the majority of the parking companies on behalf of our clients. We typically don’t discuss revenue share other than saying that they will receive precisely the amount of traffic that they deserve. Our algorithms operate in real-time and have been developed over 7 years……there’s really no point in parking companies trying to game our system.

    It beats me why any domain owner would put all of their domains with a single parking company….it just doesn’t make economic sense.

  14. says


    As always a lot happens over years in this case a lot of cases where companies both advertisers and TM holders have taken Google to court and came away with just a big legal bill.

    While I still would love to see transparency don’t think its going to happen

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