Lawyers Jump On New gTLD Wagon To Sell Webinar On “Challenging Unfavorable ICANN Objection & Application Decisions”

We knew that the new gTLD process would cause a lot of new businesses to spring up but we weren’t counting on this one.

A company is selling a Webinar aimed at Attorney’s On “Challenging Unfavorable ICANN Objection and Application Decisions“.

The Webinar is subtitled:

“Leveraging the Appeals Process and Courts to Overcome ICANN Determinations Absent Guidance”

Here is a description of the Webinar:

“As ICANN makes determinations about the applications for website domains, some applicant businesses’ decisions face objections and rejections. Counsel to companies seeking to challenge those decisions must understand best practices to pursue appeals.”

“With little clear guidance on the appeals process, counsel should carefully assess the most realistic options for appeal and keep in mind several considerations as it navigates the appeals of objection and other adverse application decisions.”

“Counsel to businesses seeking to establish a new domain must understand the appropriate avenues for appeal, as well as the standards of deference applied, in pursuing challenges of unfavorable decisions.

“Listen as our authoritative panel of trademark attorneys examines the appeals process for both objection and application decisions by ICANN and offers best practices for challenging unfavorable decisions.”

The panel will review these and other key questions:

What avenues of appeal are available when companies receive an unfavorable decision from ICANN?
What are the key considerations for counsel when appealing an ICANN decision?
What are the best sources for sound practices for counsel appealing an ICANN objection or rejection?


Paul D. McGrady, Jr., Partner Winston & Strawn, Chicago

He works with clients in the adoption, prosecution, licensing and enforcement of trademarks in the United States and throughout the world. He represents large brand owners, including new gTLD applicants in their domain name and Internet matters. His experience includes domain name disputes, domain name transactions, the creation of new top level domain names, CAN-SPAM disputes, Computer Fraud & Abuse Act disputes, online copyright and brand identity disputes, and transactions and counseling related to intellectual property aspects of social/mobile media.

Brian Winterfeldt, Partner, Katten Muchin Rosenman, Washington, D.C.

He works with clients on the creation of global trademark and branding strategies, as well as the development of programs to enforce their intellectual property rights and protect against infringement of their trademarks, trade dress and copyrights in the U.S. and internationally. This includes domestic and international trademark counseling, clearance, prosecution, enforcement and litigation, as well as trade dress, Internet governance and domain name issues.

The charge to attend the Webinar is $247 with a $50 discount if you sign up before July 20th.


  1. John Berryhill says

    I like the way this sort of thing used to work, where you trade booze and guns to the Indians in order to get furs to sell to the settlers at a profit to buy more booze and guns.

    I mean, sure, you end up with a bunch of drunk people shooting at each other, but at least there was something real going on.

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