100 New gTLD Pass IE: Moscow, .Wales; .Lol; .NBA; .Target; .HSBC; .Ninja

ICANN released another set of  results from Initial Evaluations (IE) with 100 new gTLD applications passing and 1 getting the dreaded eligible for extended evaluation.

Highlighting those applications passing today are:

The Geo’s .Moscow, .Wales and .Istanbul.

Generic’s include Google’s application for .mom; and .lol; Amazon’s controversial closed application for .Book and my personal favorite of all of Demand Media, inc. applications .Ninja

Brand applications passing today include The National Basketball Association application for .NBA; Nissan Cars application for .infinity; .Target Stores application for .Target; HSBC application for .HSBC; Allstate’s application for .goodhands; Aetna Insurance application for .Aetna and Beats Electronics  application for .Beats

The one application that did not pass and is now available for extended evaluation is by  MIH PayU B.V. for .payu

Today’s results take us to applications with a prioritization number of 900.

Of the 900 application 827 have been evaluated with the remaining still opened.

Here are all the applications that passed today.


111 DNP Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
157 OTSUKA Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd.
294 OKINAWA BusinessRalliart inc.
355 JLL Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated
407 MEDIA Tucows TLDs Inc.
436 EXTRASPACE Extra Space Storage LLC
485 TICKETS Shubert Internet, Inc.
504 BRADESCO Banco Bradesco S.A.
683 VIP Top Level Domain Holdings Limited
716 LILLY Eli Lilly and Company
794 EVERBANK EverBank
801 MOM Charleston Road Registry Inc.
802 LATROBE La Trobe University
803 MAIF Mutuelle Assurance Instituteur France (MAIF)
804 TOWN Koko Moon, LLC
805 FREE Over Keep, LLC
806 TUBE Latin American Telecom LLC
807 WALES Nominet UK
808 IST Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
810 ONG Public Interest Registry
811 AUTO Uniregistry, Corp.
812 SHOPYOURWAY Shop Your Way, Inc.
813 GOLF Gold Registry Limited
814 VIAJES Black Madison, LLC
815 DOOSAN Doosan Corporation
816 TATAR Limited Liability Company “Coordination Center of Regional Domain of Tatarstan Republic”
817 YOGA Victor Falls, LLC
819 MAIL Amazon EU S.à r.l.
820 CHK Afterdot LLC
821 PRU Prudential Financial, Inc.
822 ONE One.com A/S
823 MEDICAL Steel Hill, LLC
824 LIMO Hidden Frostbite, LLC
828 STORAGE Extra Beach, LLC
829 INFY Infosys Limited
830 DESI Desi Networks LLC
831 SECURE Artemis Internet Inc.
832 DOMAINS Sugar Cross, LLC
833 COMPUTER Pine Mill, LLC
834 RACING Black Orchard, LLC
835 ZARA Industria de Diseño Textil, S.A. (INDITEX, S.A.)
836 TARGET Target Domain Holdings, LLC
837 PICTET Pictet Europe S.A.
838 MUSIC Amazon EU S.à r.l.
840 BANK fTLD Registry Services LLC
841 GOODHANDS Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company
842 ING Charleston Road Registry Inc.
843 SLING Hughes Satellite Systems Corporation
844 MEME Charleston Road Registry Inc.
845 GIVING Giving Limited
846 JEWELRY Wild Bloom, LLC
847 DEALS Sand Sunset, LLC
848 NADEX IG Group Holdings PLC
849 CREDIT Snow Shadow, LLC
850 ONE DotAbout Inc.
852 HERE Charleston Road Registry Inc.
853 LUXURY Luxury Partners, LLC
854 CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research (“CERN”)
855 SALON L’Oréal
856 NINJA United TLD Holdco Ltd.
857 ZIP Charleston Road Registry Inc.
858 VANA Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.
859 LANCOME L’Oréal
860 TIRES Dog Edge, LLC
861 RECIPES Grand Island, LLC
862 FILM Motion Picture Domain Registry Pty Ltd
863 TEVA Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited
865 AUTO Fegistry, LLC
866 ISTANBUL Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
867 GROCERY Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
868 WEB Charleston Road Registry Inc.
871 DIET Uniregistry, Corp.
872 BABY Top Level Domain Holdings Limited
873 SUPPORT Grand Orchard, LLC
874 HOTEL dot Hotel Limited
876 INFOSYS Infosys Limited
877 LOL Charleston Road Registry Inc.
878 BEATS Beats Electronics, LLC
880 VONS Safeway Inc.
881 MOSCOW Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development (FAITID)
882 INC Afilias Limited
883 GUGE Charleston Road Registry Inc.
884 CAR Charleston Road Registry Inc.
885 FORSALE Sea Oaks, LLC
886 HSBC HSBC Holdings PLC
887 ENERGY dot Energy Limited
889 TEAM Afilias Limited
890 BOOK Amazon EU S.à r.l.
892 FAMILY Charleston Road Registry Inc.
893 GREEN United TLD Holdco Ltd.
894 AETNA Aetna Life Insurance Company
895 MOVIE Amazon EU S.à r.l.
897 POLITIE Politie Nederland


  1. says

    well gee, i look forward several years of witty unique replies like the above 2.

    totally unique and unexpected comedy! lets hear some more unique gTLD jokes that have never been typed out before…. wait wait i got one:

    “im just waiting for .crap”

    LOL! LOL! i said it guys! LOLLOLOLOLLOL


    ROFL! (not sure if this one is outdated…but LOLOLOLOLOL IM 12 YEARS OLD!

  2. says


    Please do not let the comments upset you, maybe it is an automatic response to the recurring daily posts of ” such and such gtlds have passed such phase ” that are getting to me.

    Maybe the 2-3 comments that get attached to the posts should give an inkling to the desirability of them, who knows?

    Good evening.

  3. says

    ah, i get it: because if you’re interested in following the gTLD situation you’re a fanatic and dreaming to get rich with em.

    good luck with reading things on the internet you’re not interested in.

    sounds like a terrible disease..

  4. says


    Follow the Yellow Brick Road. Follow the Yellow Brick Road.
    Follow, follow, follow, follow,
    Follow the Yellow Brick Road.
    Follow the Yellow Brick, Follow the Yellow Brick,
    Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

    We’re off to see the Wizard, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
    You’ll find he is a whiz of a Wiz! If ever a Wiz! there was.
    If ever oh ever a Wiz! there was The Wizard of Oz is one because,
    Because, because, because, because, because.
    Because of the wonderful things he does.
    We’re off to see the Wizard. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

  5. domain noob says

    Nothing more than a way for ICANN to make more money. I think it’s a dumb idea releasing all of these gTLDs. It’ll just add to the confusion. I hoping this move doesn’t affect the value of .COMs.

  6. says

    ontheinterweb and others….please do not ridicule or make fun of me.

    You know I am a very serious domainer and it shows in my blood.

    When comes to new gtlds, you have to open your pea brain to accept changes.

    When others see failures, I see bricks of GOLD on the road ready to be picked up.

    Please do not not be pessimistic.

    Yes, when the first gtld comes out, my “BullS” investment group is ready to invest millions$$$$ in this new internet frontier.

    Please all…join me in welcoming the new world- the world of making money.

    GTG–time for my pipe smoking courtesy from the MarijuanaGuy.com

  7. Grim says

    @domain noob

    There won’t be any confusion. Things will continue on as they always have. Because all of the big, long-established websites that really matter on the Internet, already own .COM.

    A few years from now, it will be interesting to see what a huge failure the new gTLDs turned out to be… except for the registrars of course, who will be the only real (short-term) winners in this chapter of the Internet’s history.

  8. Grim says

    I’d be amiss to not add that some of the gTLDs may find a certain measure of success… but they’ll definitely be in the minority. (Although I do like .NINJA…) 😉

    .COM is definitely not going anywhere, however.

  9. says

    RE: “I’d be amiss to not add that some of the gTLDs may find a certain measure of success… but they’ll definitely be in the minority.”

    this doesnt really go along with your previous predication…. so lemme get this straight: there wont be any confusion and things will continue on as they always have – yet at the same time some will find a certain amount of success. whaaaat?

    it sounds like you’re wording it so either way you can point back and say “see i was right.”

    tell me then, what is the flip side of that predication then… that “all new gTLD’s will find success”

    who the hell is predicating that?

  10. Grim says


    I think certain specialized extensions, like .NBA for example, may be successful. It makes sense that sports teams may gravitate towards obvious extensions like that, much like most charities or non-profits prefer to use .ORG, rather than .COM.

    I stand by my original statement though, that there won’t be any confusion. After all the ‘excitement’ (from certain groups) about the new gTLDs dies down, we’ll pretty much have the Internet as it always has been.

    There’s no need for these gTLDs. People only have so many hours in the day to visit the sites they’re already visiting on a regular basis. Do we really need thousands upon thousands more? And even if we did, how well will the vast majority of those sites compete against the long-established sites (.COM or otherwise) that are already out there? For example, try to start a video game review site and see how well you fare against the likes of GameSpot.com, or any number of other popular gaming sites.

    I created my first .COM website in 1996. I wasn’t overly savvy in thinking that domain names would become a good investment. I just registered names that I wanted to use for websites. Would I want to start over today with a gTLD? No way. Even starting a site from scratch with a .COM today would be hard enough.

  11. Grim says

    Scratch what I wrote above about .NBA. Even if NBA teams use the extension, just how many NBA teams are out there? Maybe .SHOP will be successful. Simply because there will likely be a lot of people out there who will think they can make some sort of a living going up against the likes of Amazon, or whatever. Or selling their home-made crafts… when they should just be on ETSY, instead. There’s already a solution out there that these gTLDs don’t need to fill.

    In other words, after giving this some more thought, I have even less hope for the long-term success of gTLDs.

  12. says

    well, using the .NBA example anyway – something like that *could* be what it takes to popularize the *idea* that any TLD is cool to use. so its possible some of the .BRANDS will lead the way and make it OK, even trustworthy to use these weird other TLD’s.

    i dont know though, i still think trustworthy is the wrong word. familiarity is probably more accurate.. but i guess there is some overlap in these definitions in this context.

    you are right about starting your own website though – unless you have a solid customer base places like eBay/Amazon have the majority of that market locked down – when you think of buying cheap priced stuff online lots of people skip google and go straight to ebay/amazon.

  13. Grim says

    Yes, but we already have extensions like .TV and .ME, and while some of those sites (and hacked names/alternate extensions) can be cool, it hasn’t caused a mad rush for everyone to go out and follow suit. What discourages this mass exodus away from .COM is the fact that over 99% of large companies and sites out there use .COM. So naturally, nearly everyone would prefer to have a .COM, if they were able to get one, anyway.

    Familiarity and trustworthiness go hand in hand. Just having a .COM (over having a .SHOP, for example) puts you in ‘the lead’, in this regard.

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