Donuts Loses 2 More Private Auctions As .Red Becomes 1st New gTLD To Be Withdrawn After IE

According to the ICANN website tonight Donuts has withdrawn two more applications as a result of the private auctions held last week

Donuts withdrew both its new gTLD applications for .Red and .Luxury

Donuts application for .Red was filed under Steel Keep, LLC had a prioritization number of 332 and had already passed ICANN Initial Evaluation, meaning that Donuts application for .Red is the first to be withdrawn after passing IE and is eligible for only a 35% refund of its application fee.

Donuts application for .Luxury was under Dash Tigers, LLC which had a prioritization number of 1,672.

The winners of the new gTLD private auctions in the case of .Red was Afilias Limited and in the case of .Luxury is Luxury Partners, LLC

Donuts lost 5 of the 6 private auctions they participated in winning only the auction for .Photography.

There are now 78 new gTLD applications that have been withdrawn.

While Luxury Partners, LLC winds up winning the auction for .Luxury there is also an application for .Luxe filed by Top Level Domain Holdings which is a common shortener for Luxury.



  1. pheenix says

    So if Donuts loses in a private auction, do they share any of the profits from the private auction?

    Or who does the auction winner pay?

  2. pheenix says

    So it’s theoretically possible that Donuts’ strategy is to ‘lose’ these auctions to make money?

    Or am i missing the ‘Big’ picture?

  3. says

    Folks, do not worry about this dot whatever mambo jumbo, it gonna take about 5-20yr for this dot whatever to ripen, lots of money for marketing and re branding, change of people’s attitude and by then who knows what going to happen to the internet.

    If it comes, it comes and just wait and see what happens.

    No need to lose sleep over it and no need to have constipation….

  4. says

    @ BullS

    gee thanks for that. for a minute there i thought i was on a blog following news stories about domain names.

    but i do look forward to more of your insightful”hey dont worry about it” posts. really awesome to read man! great contributions!

  5. lester says


    yes anyone could have applied for a bunch of tld’s and made a boatload of free cash, getting paid off by other applicants. Tricky and not very nice thing to do though if you don’t really want to be running a tld.

  6. says

    So on Donuts lets remember they applied for 307 of these suckers and has something like 120 or so outright being the only applicant.

    So they are in around 170 auctions and there have been 6 so far.

    Also 4 of the 6 auctions were against only one other party and 1 auction had 3.

    Some of the strings have over 10 applicants many have 5 or more.

    Its highly doubtful if a lot of these auctions will go to private auctions with Uniregistry, Famous Four, Google and Amazon not fully embracing it

    We have a long way to go

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