Here We Go Again: Texas Fertilizer Plant Explodes; Domains Registered

Again we have another tragic situation in west Texas near Waco where a fertilizer plant exploded causing many death and injuries in and around the plant.

CNN is reporting as many as 40 people may have died.

Since news of the explosion hit, over 60 domain names have been registered around the event.

As always there are various reasons for registering such a domain.

Some registrants are looking to make money off the even by parking the domain name, other are looking to sell the domain name, while others may have registered the domain to protect it from abuse y others.

Most troubling are domains that have the look and feel of sites raising money for victims. While some of these could have been set by 501-c-3 charities,  some could be ripe for “charitable abuse”

As always, only give money to well recognized relief organizations

Here is the list of .com and .net domain names we found as of 3pm EST today:

These are the potential charitable domains:


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