.Menu One Of The First New gTLD That Should Launch Goes With Namejet/Afternic

WhatBox? LLC, the applicant for the new top level domain .MENU, has selected NameJet and Afternic to operate the sunrise and landrush auctions, and offer premium name distribution for the .MENU top level domain (TLD).

According to a press release we received today, .Menu “is targeting restaurants and food enthusiasts in its efforts to contribute to the evolving online culinary experience”.

“Due to a favorable result at the ICANN TLD draw, .MENU and NameJet are prepared to open the sunrise period immediately following the completion of the ICANN evaluation process. Sunrise auctions, the landrush period and premium name sales will begin shortly thereafter”.

We noted at thedomains.com in late December, the top 80 non-brand, non-IDN with uncontested applications which should launch and come to market first and .Menu was number 2 on our list.

.Menu should get a big jump on some of other strings its in competition within the vertical; .Food has 3 applicants so they have to resolved contention and all of the applications have to be evaluated by ICANN, the last of which has a priority number of 1141.

That’s the same case for .Restaurant which has applications, three of which have priority  numbers of 1313, 1379 and 1423.

Namejet.com and Afternic.com announced in October of 2012 that they were teaming up to provide domain name auction and aftermarket services to new gTLD registries.

“Last month, Demand Media, Inc. (DMD) announced its intent to spin off its domain services business, and NameJet is one component of its end-to-end solution, in addition to registration, registry and monetization services.”


  1. says

    I can only think of about 20 or so good domains to register and a few TMs, mainly related to food …

    what am I missing?

    “Bigger Fool Than Me” domains?


  2. says


    well every type of food so things like seafood.menu, kosher.menu,

    services like takeout.menu, delivery.menu

    Geo’s like newyork.menu, chicago.menu

    names of restaurants like joes.menu

    Well you get the idea, besides they didn’t hire me to do it, so that’s enough ideas

  3. says

    I think you basically repeated what I said…
    basically at best hundreds a few thousands ? not covering the operational/administrative cost of a TLD
    I don’t see a restaurant like Applebbes advertising using such an aberration of domain…
    far fetched!

    This GTLD is destined to fail in a couple of years…
    Money down the drain.

  4. says

    This launch of the .menu TLD draw should help get my domain names some serious notice. I guess its time to start to develop my DishMenu.com and DishMenus.com sites and get them off pronto. Any feedback is kindly appreciated.

  5. says

    Google’s first name was “BackRub” (based on Page’s algorithm), and later changed to “WhatBox”, before finally settling on Google. Interesting.

  6. says


    I was just asking you could register the domain dish.menu for registration fees whatever they will be $20, $50 I don’t know but I assume something in that price range would you register it?

  7. says

    Domo Sapiens, I think “change is coming” . And the future will tell us, that we are in front of a new revolution in how we are going tu use the Internet.

    If all new extensions make it right, they can add a lot of extra service to their extension. Like a .menu should be a certified establishment, or .shop include a easy to sue Shopping Card, wehre you can hop around and check out at one place, etc. etc. There are many new Ideas which will come up. It will be a lot of fun to see this develop!

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