“Feb Deals” Auction Ends Thursday & So Far Only 1 Bid is running a “February Deals” auction of 65 domain names all at “no reserve”.

So far not many are taking advantage of the “deals”

As of time of publication there is only 1 bid in the auction, that on the domain name which has a bid at $199.

Although the auction says all the domain are at “no reserve” when you go to place a bid the minimum 1st bid is $199 which of course is not a true, no reserve auction.

But I digress.

The auction ends tomorrow on February 21, 2013 at 3:145PM EST with the normal closing procedures for

I’m not sure how these domain were selected personally don’t see too many “Deals” here myself.

Here are all the domain names in the auction:


  1. jose says

    “I’m not sure how these domain were selected personally don’t see too many “Deals” here myself.”

    really MHB? think of Moniker owned domains and SnapNames being used to unload that crap… for instance, had been drop by Andrew Reberry.

    seems to me domains that were caught on the drop and clients didn’t pay

  2. craig says

    None of these domains have any direct commercial value…..I mean take a real good look……ZERO Just what I think…………

  3. sdiggles says

    All the names are terrible, so I guess it shouldn’t be a disappointment. It can be argued that the best names are sub-par, and A dash in a .com and a .net.

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