Approval To Bid On 1 & 2 Character .Org Domains At Opens Today

Go Daddy will be auctioning off  42 rare, valuable one- and two-character .org registry owned domain names as part of Project 94.

However the registry,  Public Interest Registry (PIR) set aside these .org domain names for registrants who embody its core values.

Starting today, if you want to participate in the auction, you can request approval on the .org Event Auction page. We recommend requesting approval before the auction begins on March 18, 2013. The last day to request approval is March 25, 2013.

These one- and two-character .org domain names that are owned by the .Org registry, PIR have never been released for registration before, and it’s dedicating the proceeds to programs that strengthen the online presences of non-profit organizations.

For more information, see What is Project 94?

Once approved, you can increase your bid limit by completing a verification process. For more information, see Requesting Bidder Approval for the .org Event Auction.

The Project 94 .org Event Auction runs from March 18 to 28, 2013.

Here’s an overview of the bidder approval and verification process:

Tier Description Bid Amount
1 – Approval
Click Get Approved, and then submit the online form. We send a confirmation email and authorization code within two business days. Approved participants can bid up to $2,500.
2 – PayPal® or Good As Gold Verification After completing the approval process, click Increase Limit to get verified via PayPal, or deposit at least $100 in the Good As Gold account. Verified participants can bid up to $50,000.
3 – Good As Gold Verification Deposit at least $5,000 in the Good As Gold account. Verified participants can bid an unlimited amount.




  1. says

    Hello MHB,

    Another addition to the registries Field Of Broken Dreams collection. The Registries sense all the money coming into Our Domainer pool will attract unsuspecting investors into their Broken Dreams sucker traps. Please educate yourselves before you leap into the fire.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Gratefully) (Contact group)

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