Report: Google To Open Google Stores By The Holidays: Will They Sell New gTLD’s?

According to, Google is going to roll out retail stores cross metropolitan areas in the United States ahead of the holidays this year.

Google Stores will be used to show off Google’s own brand of products, such as the Nexus lineup of Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Chromebooks.

I guess if Google goes ahead with opening retail stores they might as well sell their new gTLD’s out the stores as well.

If Google went ahead with retail stores there would be no reason why you couldn’t walk into a Google store and learn about and register a domain names using one of Google’s 100 or so new gTLD (assuming they get all the extension they applied for).

On the domain name front Google owns and

Anyway Google stores; what do you think?


  1. says

    My thoughts:

    Google only seems to own

    And about the store concept, works great for Apple. Why not the folks that do everything apple does (and then some).

  2. says

    It’s a perception play.
    Aapl dominates consumer perception; albeit comically irrational, it’s profitable as sin.

    I think the “9-5” tips their hand a bit, that they’re not moving upmarket so much as they’re moving inmarket on mobile business machines. This is a good move. This is the same mojo RIMM had, but lost momentum when they couldn’t update their product line.

    For as swell as apple products are, hipster ‘cachet’ can only carry you so far and its fickle. It doesn’t last forever. You can only sell people the same shit for more money for so long, before they wake up, usually suddenly and all at once.

    This is a smart move by Goog, I bet it works well for them but it’s going to add quite a bit of cost to their bottom line as far as how cheaply they can sell their hardware products. Right now, they’re selling hardware at damn near their FOB: Long Beach delivery cost.

    Also, since they made the incredibly stupid play at Groupon (which was only exceeded in stupidity by their turning it down), they’ve been pretty up front in talking about wanting to establish online to off marketing channels. That’s the real golden chalice in the internet world. They have the internet infastructure, now, they’re using hardware to develop proprietary retailing infrastructure that can be used for anything in the future.

    Mark my words. This is all just a big beta.

  3. says

    Hello MHB,

    It is my prediction that Google will be considered the oldest flagstar growth company in history. They are Marketing strategist Geniuses at enriching their .COM Foundation with satelite Market gathering tools, ” the gTLDS “, that will return back to their their coffers vast riches, via their .COM Virtual Business Foundation.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  4. says

    Hello MHB,

    I also predict that in the very near future they are going to do a stock split and eventually somewhere down the road will establish a dividend.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Conract Group) (Metal Tiger)

  5. says

    “There are certain persons of moderately high intelligence who suffer from personality disorders involving delusions of grandeur and unduly inflated assessments of the value of their ideas. Not being able to convey those ideas in socially acceptable ways, or to constructively advance them in cooperation with others, they become what are known as “cranks”. Characterized by paranoid ideation, they become convinced that nearly everything around them is the product of a corrupt conspiracy of persons engaged for the purpose of suppressing their brilliant insights. Often, they develop their own vocabulary and shorthand for their various theories, and after a while they simply spew emotive gibberish to their imaginary companions along urban sidewalks. Once in a while, you come across one who has some sort of secure income from royalties, a settlement, or a trust fund, and they just keep babbling on forever.” – John Berryhill, November, 2010.

  6. bnalponstog says

    Thanks for re-reminding me of “the holidays.”

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go blow my mind out in a car.

  7. says

    @ John Berryhill,

    Yes John I agree wiyh you as we have agreed with each other on many other issues.

    I also agree with you that there are some who define the future with words that some lesser mortals cannot yet fathom according to our friend Jonh Nash.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  8. says

    Jeff, I think the quote above refers to you.

    And wouldn’t be surprised to see quotes about Danny Welsh in the future.

    Because according to Danny he has a diary with billionaires in it, he will lease 100 of ricks schwartz’s domain names and 100 of other peoples domains in 3 years out of a list of 300 (how many has rick leased to date, that is non adult domain names without a credit card mafia scam behind it?), and all of this is going to happen on domain names rick has publicly stated he would not be prepared to buy, but says they’re selling ferraris for chrysler prices? and now the list is cut off, you cant get in or are even allowed to contact them for fear of getting cut from the venture!

    The story just gets more and more fantastical by the day.

  9. says

    And now theres going to be sub brokers in joint salesman.

    Can you imagine the problems you’re going to have if Rick and Danny dont honour their agreements? Rick has an extensive history of unhappy clients.

  10. says

    @ Denise King,

    John Nash had many snickering Cynics such as yourself, and he changed the world of international governing Dynamics, So whats your point Again?

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  11. says

    Hello MHB,

    Has anyone really sat back and analysed Googles entry into .Whatever land and by doing so what they have inadvertantly revealed to ALL WHO CAN SEE.

    By their participation they are admitting the signifigance of typed in Traffic. Now they are part and parcel to the crowd that will pay attention to type ins and what brand they are going to at the RIGHT OF THE DOT. AND The LEFT OF THE DOT

    This is firing up a .COM corporate Back Lash that Owen Frager has spoken about. Googles attempted WEB of deception is BACKFIRING ON THEM.

    Watch as the Web of deception unfolds and Google eats some of their own poison.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  12. says

    So whats your point Again?

    I agree with the above comments about your posts.

    And for your spiritual leaders, Danny Welsh should be selling used cars and not representing the domain industry.

    And Rick Schwartz has a long history of unhappy clients. Caveat Emptor.

  13. says

    @Denise you and the king have lots in common. You know it doesn’t have to be this way, By the way you mocking anyones spirituality is Krass, So you think you know the hearts of men EH!

    Go Fargo yourself or should I say fly away on your Broom Stick, if the shoe fits wear it. With Love from Rome, your dearest Jeff XXXXXX

  14. says

    Okay Jeff, change spiritual to imaginary lol

    And yes I think I know the hearts of men pretty well eg Rick Schwartz will sell you a house and tell you its the taj mahal.

    Eg, Rick and Danny Welsh are leasing domain names they describe as Ferraris for Chrysler prices, and are SHOUTING it fromt he roof tops!

    And the domain owners in have gotten in bed with the devil so to speak.

    How am I going?

    Rick also enjoys the kill more than the deal and has a string of unhappy lease clients where he oversold and under delivered (except for the porn credit card scam where they all cleaned up, well except for the thousands and thousands of customers they ripped off).

  15. says

    Oh and Jeff, lets not forget Danny Welsh.

    Have you read his posts? Of course you have .

    The guy is a two bit hustler, and you applaud congratulate and support every post he makes!

    Hello Danny, We agree. Virtual Business Foundations, Metal Gibberish.

    Danny thinks he’s found his whale, but I cant see many of the domains leasing, at least not in the time frame given.

    And certainly not if CSN stores dumps,, and 200 other domains to rebrand as

    And Rick and Danny are spewing they’re going to lease 100 of Ricks domains and another 100 of domains in the next 3 years??

    “Hello Rick, We agree, Smart money. Gratefully, Jeff Tiger”

  16. says


    I agree with all of your illusions, now sit down and take a stress Pill. Oh and By the way Rick and Danny also work for the C.I.A. as undercover agents assiggned for mass exterminations now that Kervorkian is gone you know. Honest I got this information from your sources so you can spread this around. Its a perfect match don’t you think?

    PS don’t forget to destroy this info after reading,we dont want to tip off the National enquirer,now do we.

  17. says

    Jeff not really interested in clowning you, but if you posted less I dont think anyone would mind.

    As for the information about Rick Schwartz, people can make up their own minds.

    But I would say its pretty telling he’s not defending it considering his tough guy message board persona.

    What’s he worried about? The conversation continuing?

    Silence speaks louder than words sometimes.

  18. says

    Think what you like.

    I think the domain owners signed up to Rick Schwartz and Danny Welsh have to turn a blind eye if they’re truthful with themselves.

    The reason is (apart from Ricks history, which granted most in the domaining industry don’t know about) NONE of the domain names can be compared to Rick Schwartz previous deals being used to promote domain names.

    For example, the multi million dollar leasing eg,
    This domain name CANNOT be compared with any non adult domain name or domain name listed at, BECAUSE it’s in the adult industry to start and was a different period of time, plus it gets a load of type in traffic and MOST PEOPLE don’t want to take part in ONLINE CREDIT CARD SCAM RUN BY THE MAFIA. So strike this domain off as an example.

    The other two prominent examples being used to promote are and These domain names were SOLD, not LEASED! So strike these domain names off as examples.

    In addition, NONE of the domain names at are in the same league or can compare to the QUALITY of the above domain names. This means Rick Schwartz and Danny Welsh, plus newly and self appointed Jeff Schneider accomplice, are using FALSE ADVERTISING to market your domain names.

    If you take part in, you are taking part in another Rick Schwartz aka Domain King dirty business.

    But why are domainers so keen to do this?
    It’s because they’re domain names are not good enough to sell or lease organically without trickery for the prices Rick and all of the other domainers spruiking lifetime riches have convinced themselves they’re worth.

    And for Rick Schwartz, his success was built off the back of a sucker (hmm seems like a pattern here) that sold him, where within just 4 weeks of buying, Rick recovered the full purchase price by simply posting “click here for porn” and linking it to an adult affiliate program (which later led to his pre paid traffic rip offs which left a trail of un happy clients where once again Rick was feeding off people’s greed where he over sold and under delivered, which led to the credit card scam, and now with he’s repeating the process.

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