If Apple Plans On Naming Its Smart Watch the iWatch, Anything.com Is Going To Be Happy

This weekend big tech buzz has been about an Apple smart watch.

If Apple is going ahead with the product is most likely going to be called an iWatch.

Anything.com which owns one of the best domain name portfolios in the world, happens to own iWatch.com as well.

Actually Anything.com is the original registrant of this domain name back in 1998, which was three years before Apple even came out with its first “i” product, the iPod which came out in 2001.

As for the domain name smartwatch.com it is controlled by brand protection company  MarkMonitor.com is currently forwarding to WIMM and has a registration date of 2000.

Here is what is posted in WIMM’s site:

“Almost three years ago WIMM set out to make information more personal, accessible, and connected. The WIMM One proved the concept and inspired many to take a fresh look at wearable technology.

During the summer of 2012, WIMM Labs entered into an exclusive, confidential relationship for our technology and ceased sales of the Developer Preview Kit.”

“We’d like to thank all of our developers for their interest and willingness to experiment with our platform and look forward to exciting advances in the wearable market”.


The domain name smartwatches.com is owned by Smart Jewelers of Northbrook, IL and has a registration date of 1999.

In any event if Apple moves ahead with the watch, it looks like a big payday and/or a ton of traffic coming to our friends at Anything.com



  1. Alan says

    With a proposed 1.5 inch screen who would want it? Who will be able to navigate it or see it?
    Perhaps a wrist cell phone would make more sense. This idea sounds like “google glasses”,
    a good idea but a product that lacks practicality.

  2. says


    I agree with you I think the iPhone is too small to use without a case that makes it slightly bigger, have no idea about how I would use a watch, clearly just for the younger folk before their eyes give out

    Unless it was completely Siri or voice command controlled

  3. says

    I think people will prefer their rolex, or movado, or timex, or whatever. I don’t see the whole world going uniform on their watches. I wear my Ripcurl Oceansearch Tide Watch, tells me tide information for wherever I am sirfing around the world. It’s very shock and water resistant, and there is rip curl a servce center available locally to fix it at all my favorite third wold surfing destinations. Will Apple be able to compete with that? I’ll just stick with my iPhone that does everything a smart watch will be able to do and more.

  4. says

    iwatch will be made for kids…just like the colorful ipods…
    Of course we men don’t need an iwatch…we’ll stick with our Rolex…but buy our kids an iwatch so they shut the fuck up and be cool around their retarded friends

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