Manwin Hit With UDRP On The Domain Name

Manwin International the owner of some of the most visited adult sites on the net, including and, which has filed a couple of  UDRP of their own as a complainant, has just been hit with a UDRP on a domain name they own,

While the complainant of the UDRP is not showing up yet,  I found one trademark on the term Xart in the US Trademark database, and it was just filed in November 2012, by Click Here LLC of  Malibu, California for use as Adult entertainment.

The domain name has an original creation date of November 1998, or some 14 years earlier.

The domain was owned as early as 2010 by D.C.I. Daily Capital Investment with a contact of the current CEO of Manwin Fabian Thylmann, but Manwin did not  show up  as the owner of the domain until January of 2013.

The domain name is not currently resolving. last has a record of a site on this domain in January 2011 (graphic).

Should be an interesting one




  1. michellek says

    To me, a Manwin UDRP is not nearly as interesting as the fact that, today, ICM announced that .nxt organizer, Kieren McCarthy has taken over as the head of IFFOR.

    The IFFOR Board of Directors does not have one single owner or operator of an adult business among its membership. Now, with the firing of Joan Irvine–someone who actually did come out of the adult industry–the staff does not have any adult representation. Moreover, the foundation’s mission has now changed. how exactly is IFFOR the .xxx sponsorship community?

  2. says


    ICM did not announce that, IFFOR did

    Although IFFOR gets funding from ICM they do not control it and if you read their most recently releases they have much more plans that just working on adult issues
    and/or just .XXX

  3. michellek says

    Has their ICANN contract changed? It was my understanding that IFFOR was comprised of and represented the .xxx sponsorship community, per ICM’s ICANN agreement.

    On slightly different note, I wonder if any of the .nxt registrants will find it ironic that Kieren McCarthy is the new poster boy for Online Responsibility.

  4. says

    “”Has their ICANN contract changed? It was my understanding that IFFOR was comprised of and represented the .xxx sponsorship community, per ICM’s ICANN agreement””

    I’m just telling you that IFFOR is expanding into other “functions” unrelated to .XXX


    As for what IFFOR is support to do:


    ICM Registry works with a not-for-profit organisation to serve
    as the policy-making body for the .XXX extension

    That organisation is the International Foundation for Online
    Responsibility (IFFOR)

    IFFOR is a ‘not-for-profit’ organization

    IFFOR is independent from ICM Registry

    IFFOR has its own board of directors

    IFFOR is led by an Executive Director

    IFFOR has its own policy counsel

    The policy counsel consists of

    Sponsored Community (adult industry)

    1 Privacy and Security advocate

    1 Free speech advocate

    1 Child protection advocate

    1 ICM Registry representative


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