After Selling The Dodgers For $2.1 Billion, Frank McCourt’s Company Quitely Buys

It appears the McCourt Group purchased the two letter domain name in August 2012.

The current registered owner of the domain name is Peter Wilhelm of the McCourt Group.

One of the principals of the McCourt Group appears to be Frank McCourt who sold the Los Angeles Dodgers for $2.1 Billion dollars to Magic Johnson’s group, Guggenheim Baseball Management in April of 2012.

Frank McCourt was also involved in what has been referred to as the costliest divorce in the History of California.

Peter Wilhelm was the Chief Financial Officer of the Dodgers during much of Frank McCourt’s tenure as owner.

According to, “Prior to joining the Dodger organization, Wilhelm served as Chief Financial Officer of McCourt Group, advising on the parent company’s cash management and strategic investments. Wilhelm’s tenure as a strategic advisor to Frank McCourt began in 2001″.

The domain name was owned under privacy since at least 2010 at Internet.BS and went to to a parking page.

We have no idea of what the price of the domain was but we hope the Seller had all of this information before they sold the domain.

The site on the domain name just lists the name of the company McCourt, what appears to be its slogan, “Building for Tomorrow Since 1893″ and their New York and Los Angeles addresses.

It’s Former domain name, now forwards to


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