& Are Down

Both and are down and have been down for a while.

I tried accessing at different times throughout the day.

I did get to the front page of once, earlier today and the front of the site said that some users were reporting having trouble accessing the site and that all auctions that were closing today would be extended to tomorrow.

I do know that although the site was down, was still catching dropping domains today and was sending out emails to customers on drops.

I have one user reporting that outages started Saturday morning.

Neither the Twitter page or Facebook page has had any activity since the 24th, and I’m pretty surprised that they have not tweeted or let people know on Facebook that their sites are down and how long they expect before they are back up

This is what you get when you go to

Site Unavailable

The MonikerĀ® site is currently unavailable. We’ll be back online shortly.We apologize for any inconvenience.

In the meantime, here’s where you can reach us:

Technical Support:

Telephone: 1-800-385-4075 (toll-free in the U.S.)
+1-503-241-8547 (outside the U.S.)
Thank you!


  1. dan says

    Yes Mike I can confirm that has been down now for about 30 hours… Support did answer the phone when I called however they could not provide any details on the issue or when they expected to be back up.

  2. says

    Been down all day today certainly. I had a domain auction expiring today at noon that I was the high bidder on so this is most frustrating! Nothing on the SnapNames Twitter and FB pages about this problem. I got through to Support who confirmed the problem but had no other information as to the cause. They said they were expecting services to be resumed within the hour. That was four hours ago…

  3. BrianWick says

    My gut tells me if Monte was still around – he would have figured out a way to bring them back to life sooner.

    But maybe this is a signal that it is time for Demand to clean up this mess :)

  4. samfrida says

    The Moniker Operations team is working to resolve the problem affecting our sites. We certainly understand the frustration that you may have in regards to this issue and would like to sincerely extend our apologies for this inconvenience.

    We strive to provide a quality service for our customers and the prevention of issues such as this in the future is indeed a top priority. We are currently investigating the root cause and once we discover it, we will make changes to prevent this event from occurring.

    Once the issue has been resolved, we will contact you via phone or email.

    Samantha Frida
    VP Business Development
    1800 SW 1st Avenue, Suite 440, Portland, OR 97201
    Tel: 503.459.5737| Fax: 530.287.5203 | Cell 303.829.6112

  5. says

    Moniker has become a Joke.

    Long time customers remember when Monte was there. That was back when someone at Moniker gave a Sh!t. Those days are Gone.

    It has become commonplace for the site to give users problems, such as inability to log in, unresponsiveness, problems transferring, etc.

    And speaking of unresponsiveness …Moniker Customer Service.
    Now, there’s an oxymoron for ya.

    Their phone hours are Very limited. And, the ticket system is useless or doesn’t work because of whatever problem the site is having …That Day.

    It’ll cost a pretty penny to move a portfolio of any size at all.
    That has to be the ONLY reason they are not Bleeding customers!
    But, the writing is On The Wall.

    Clearly, Keydrive has little or NO interest in Moniker. These recurring problems are usually followed up with canned lip service explaining how they are so sorry for the inconvenience.

    And, they try to convince Customers that these problems are rare and only happen once in a great while. Sounds a little bit like The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

    The real question is “Why all the recurring problems with Moniker?”

    Are they desperately trying to save money and run the registrar on a shoestring? If so, why?

    One has to wonder if perhaps Keydrive simply wants to get rid of Moniker, and therefore, does not want to invest further resources into running the company.

    And, last but not least:

    How long before the wheels fall off?
    I am seriously concerned that is where things are headed.
    That is a mess that I am not looking forward to.

    It certainly seems like the inmates are running the asylum.

  6. says

    SF is right. Moniker used to be great, but there have been way too many problems lately. Whois privacy not working, problems contacting the registry, problems renewing… Moniker appears to be up and running again now, and I’ll be logging in to move the last of my domains out.

  7. Jon Schultz says

    Maybe the reason Moniker sometimes has problems is that they have one of the most sophisticated domain control panels, if not the most sophisticated. At GoDaddy you can’t even get a view of the nameservers of all your domains at once (much less where they are forwarding, if forwarding is being used, or the registrant/contact info), you have to look one by one. If you only have a few domains that’s fine, but if you have a large portfolio Moniker is the best I’ve seen.

  8. says



    Looks like Moniker and are now back up

    Here is what is on

    A number of our customers have experienced difficulty reaching our website today and therefore were unable to bid.

    In order to maintain auction integrity and to provide a fair and equitable bidding experience to our customers, we have extended the end date of these auctions by 24 hours to 1/28/2013 12:15PM PT.

  9. says

    @ Jon Schultz

    Everything you just listed can be done at GoDaddy.

    All you have to do is login to your Domain Manager then go to Tools > Exportable Lists. Click “Add New Export” button then you have the option to export information about all your domains including everything you listed.

    GoDaddy actually has excellent bulk tools.
    I think some people are just not aware of them.


  10. jose says

    @ SF totally agree. their support is ridiculous. the ticket system is a joke, they don’t read emails, they mess up accounts. and now their systems are getting broken. what a joke.

  11. jose says

    @Brad godaddy has all the tools. the problem is they are bloated and with thousands of confirmations boxes. you can’t even easily find a link to the domain management console from their main page. it is a joke. when you compare to or or even moniker then it becomes ridiculous.

  12. Dave Tyrer says

    Moniker is my biggest account with 600 names because apart from this recent long and worrying outage, their system is so consistently reliable and fast.
    Bulk transfers are great, you get a daily email progress report until they are completed. Opened one just now, four transfers completed.
    It only takes a minute or two to go in and change multiple dns settings in bulk if you want to park or build.
    Auto renew is great, you get an email confirmation which you can cross check. Quickly switch it off in bulk if you want to drop some names.
    .TV prices are good, think it’s $26.99 or thereabouts.
    KeyDrive purchased Moniker and Snap only one year ago and it doesn’t make much sense for SF to say they want to get rid of them. I don’t know anything about KeyDrive, but I do know that Key-Systems is excellent – in fact Godaddy uses Key-Systems as a proxy registrar for .DE domains. (I know this directly from Denic).
    I don’t know what Moniker support is like because I never need it, and the complaints do concern me (and I should have received an email by now about this latest problem).
    But provided the recent problem is permanently fixed, I’m absolutely staying with Moniker, their system is just so good.
    (I will add that I have been waiting a few days for a support reply from Snapnames about something unrelated, but given the recent problem, it’s a bit early to complain.)

  13. dan says

    Samfrida – thanks, I am a big fan however why was their no communication for 36 hours regarding the downtime? I would have expected some type of update via social media or a blog post. That is the most frustrating part. Downtime happens, but communication is key.

  14. says

    What I wrote was:

    “One has to wonder if perhaps Keydrive simply wants to get rid of Moniker”

    The post has not been changed. That is quite different from “they want”.

    Well over a decade ago, I began consolidating my domians from various registrars to Moniker.

    At that time, the consensus was that Moniker was the Domainers Choice.

    In my opinion, they Were the best. They ran a tight ship for Many, Many years.

    Most of the time, problems were minimal and were usually taken care of quickly.

    Things have been trending the other direction for a Very Long Time. The status quo did not happen over night.

    I would like nothing better than to see Moniker return to their Previous level of fantastic service.

    As long as they view these Recurring, Various problems merely as an “inconvenience” and continue with such Limited Customer Support, that seems unlikely.

  15. says

    In addition if you have names listed at SEDO MLS chances are some of your domains were delisted , I had about a dozen delisted now having to relist….

    “We have recently seen a search for in our marketplace and have
    not been able to verify with your registrar that you are still the owner of this

  16. Dave Tyrer says

    Just to conclude my comment a day ago (where I mentioned I was waiting for a reply from Snapnames support) yes, Snap replied very soon after and I stress the support issue was one where they had to contact another registrar – so a few days wait was entirely reasonable.
    Also, I’ve just initiated some transfers into Moniker which reminded me how much I’ve always been impressed with their superb and reliable system.

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