Back To The Future: Namesco Rebrands Back To Its URL

Namesco, “one of the UK’s top domain name, web hosting and website builder providers” has going back to its registered roots and rebranded the company using its URL, highlighting to customers the importance of choosing the right domain name from day one.

Namesco has relaunched as by going  back to its original roots 16 years ago, according to a press release it sent to today.

In the 16 years the company’s URL did not change but the branding did.

Now the company realized that the best brand they had was their URL after all.

“ relaunches the 16 year old brand with a new logo, website and improved product offerings for customers.

“The matching of the brand name with the domain name is intended to be more memorable for customers when navigating to the site. This increased focus on the domain name highlights for customers the importance of their own web domain in the UK market.

“The company also wants to highlight to customers its UK origins, with the business founded in Worcester and the name registered on 23rd August 1996”.

Stephen Ewart, Marketing Manager for, is director of the brand in the UK and explained the move:

“Moving back to our website domain name is an important step for our business and sends out a vital message to our customers. Having a simple, highly relevant and consistent domain name is important to having success for your brand and can prove to be one of the best decisions you can make in setting up your new business.”

“We want to focus our brand on names – helping customers get the right domain name is a clear business strength we have and we really care about UK companies getting this right first time. Whilst a lot of companies are fighting it out on price in the Domain and Web Hosting industry, our strategy is to simply focus on improving our product offer without eroding our UK based support centre, which we know is so highly valued by our customers. The simplicity of moving to reflects our simple approach to focusing on the important things.”

“New research commissioned by  to market the rebrand shows that 63% of new business owners register their domain name more than 3 months after registering their business at Companies House, with 1 in 5 losing the domain name they really wanted”.

“For any business looking to rebrand, are keen to stress that it can by no means be easy and careful consideration at the launch of a new business is advised incredibly important”.

“Stephen Ewart advises, “Any online business looking to rebrand should make use of Google Analytics to measure how customers find your business.

“If a rebrand requires a domain name change then this can affect SEO rankings, we were fortunate in the fact that we didn’t have to change our primary domain name already being a popular search.”

“ is part of the international Dada Group of companies:”.

“The brand re-launch has been timed to coincide with the launch of an innovative new website with improved navigation, new products for customers and a PR and marketing campaign focusing on the importance of names. The name change provides a base and focal point for a complete new brand style”.


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