Amazon Finally Starts Using & is finally starting to use half of the .co domain names they bought back in 2011. is now being used as a shortener for and is being used for Amazon’s Cloud Drive service

It was back in May 2011 that Amazon announced it had acquired four .Co domains,, and for an undisclosed amount.

However the domain name did not go immediately into service.

In October 2011 Amazon announced it has acquired as a shortener for its Chinese official website at which has been active since acquisition.

We have been randomly checking Amazon’s .Co single letter domains and finally found 2 of the 4 resolving.

The other domain acquired by Amazon which are still not in use are which Amazon was though to have acquired for its brand and K.Co which Amazon was thought to acquire for their Kindle product.


  1. says

    “A .co is now being used as a shortener for Amazon .com and cloud .co is being used for Amazon’s Cloud Drive service”

    Both .co’s resolve to amazon .com…
    Both with Zero/Nada/Zip alexa rank

    where is the beef? :)

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