Domainer Page Howe Gets A Feature Article On

Long time domainer Page Howe just got covered by with a big assist from and

Page was covered by in an article entitled:

“Meet Page Howe, A Man Who Made Millions Selling 2 Of The World’s Most Expensive Domain Names”

If you don’t know the two domains they are talking about are:, which he purchased for $100,000,  and sold for $1.8 million (or $1.5 million after commission) through traffic auction (big thanks to Monte Cahn) and which he sold for $1 million a domain he “had only owned the domain for about a month”.

“” became available when another venture-backed, dotcom company failed, and Howe snatched it up. “A domain name becomes what you have left to sell, even if your strategy doesn’t work,” Howe later explained to DomainSherpa. He was able to buy it for about $100,000 and held it for the next five to six years.”

“In 2002, Howe’s company sold all but 20 of the 4,000 domains”.

“There were maybe 15 good domains each day and I knew that ten of them were names that everybody knew about,” Howe told Jackson.

“So I would try to get the other five that I had identified through hard work. My edge was being a professional, doing it full time, searching every day and not just relying on a computer to filter names but literally looking at the lists myself. I was trying to get strong names at the lowest price I could, knowing that I couldn’t get the best names because I wasn’t funded well enough.”

“In 2007, Howe’s company sold both and for seven figures, four months apart.”

“Although those two ended up being big wins, Howe did let some domains slip through his fingers. Basic Fusion had owned, but sold it for $8,000. A few years later it was acquired for $225,000.”

“Howe still runs his own domain marketplace for the “average joe” buyer called Joe Domains, and he’s the president of BigNameHunters. ”

“Howe and his companies own about 25,000 domains total, and they generate between $25,000 to $50,000 in monthly sales.

For more on Howe’s domain flipping career, watch his 2011 video interview with Domain Sherpa. If you can make it through the first minute or two of ads, Howe offers a lot of great business insight.

Congrats to Page, Ron Jackson and our friends at

Happy New Year to all



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