New gTLD Contention Sets: Winners .Tickets & .Green Losers .Soccer & Everyone Else

I went through the new gTLD  contention sets, those new gTLD extensions applied for two or more parties, to figure out based on the draw which ones would be done with initial evaluation first and which ones will go later on in the process.

Looks like the winner is .tickets which has the earliest draw number of 259 and the last number 528, next up seems to be .Green with the earliest draw number of 159 and the last draw number of 859.

On the loser side of the equalization it looks like its .Soccer whose earliest number 943, and whose last number  drawn was 1708.

Almost every other string with 4 or more applicants seems to be in the same boat with one applicant getting a number of 500 or higher and one of 1,500 or lower.

Here is the breakdown for contention sets of 4 applications or greater.

Caveat ICANN may place similar, but not exact domains in the same contention set.

These results below reflect only direct match strings.

Also some applications in a contention maybe community based which will take preference if the community status is approved by ICANN, with that said here you go:

.App: earliest number 209, last number 1576

.Art: earliest number 300, last number 1754

.Baby: earliest number 280, last number 1506

.Bet: earliest number 987, last number 1348

.Blog: earliest number 190, last number 1607

.Book: earliest number 291, last number 1758

.Buy: earliest number 128, last number 1691

.Cloud earliest number 276, last number 1445

.Corp:  earliest number 348, last number 1393

.Cpa: earliest number 219, last number 1609

.Design: earliest number 684, last number 1742

.Fashion: earliest number 324, last number 1178

.Flowers: earliest number 237, last number 1715

.Game: earliest number 458, last number 1413

.Gay earliest number 179, last number 1428

.GMBH: earliest number 184, last number 1269

.Green:  earliest number 159, last number 893

.Group: earliest number 723, last number 1507

.Health: earliest number 396,  last number 1548

.Home: earliest number 215,  last number 1763

.Hotel: earliest number 241,  last number 1751

.immo: earliest number 415,  last number 1190

.Inc: earliest number 421,  last number 1721

.Law:  earliest number 453  last number 1311

.LLC: earliest number 335  last number 1425

.LLP: earliest number 221,  last number 1408

.Love: earliest number 262,  last number 1661

.LTD: earliest number 304,  last number 1381

.Mail: earliest number 254,  last number 1724

.Movie: earliest number 592,  last number 1112

.Music: earliest number 448,  last number 1634

.News:  earliest number 281,  last number 1659

.Now: earliest number 279,  last number 1564

.Online: earliest number 197,  last number 1602

.Pizza: earliest number 443,  last number 1273

.Poker: earliest number 229,  last number  1662

.Radio: earliest number 194,  last number  1272

.Realestate: earliest number 473,  last number  1044

.Restaurant: earliest number 491,  last number  1423

.Sale: earliest number 724,  last number  1297

.School: earliest number 255,  last number  1720

.Shop: earliest number 410,  last number  1639

.Show: earliest number 747,  last number  1271

.Site: earliest number 226,  last number  1544

.Soccer earliest number 943, last number  1708

.Store earliest number 690,  last number  1553

.Style: earliest number 669,  last number  1670

.Tennis: earliest number 627,  last number  1417

.Tickets: earliest number 259  last number  538

.Vip: earliest number 213,  last number  1567

.Web: earliest number 632,  last number  1750




  1. JP says

    Michael, I was using your article to validate my own work and found a pattern of inconsistency. Not sure where it comes from henceforth the post

    I’m showing the earliest draw with two in contention would be .fishing ( 127 & 139)

    The earliest draw for those strings with four:
    .App I’m show the last # as 1799 (dot App limited)
    .Art, I’m show the last # as 1804 (Eflux)
    .Baby, I’m show the last # as 1903 (Compact Registry…)

    I could easily be missing a variable, thank for the input.

  2. says


    The post clearly indicates (well thought it was clear) that is was only looking at string that had 4 or more apps in contention.

    That is why .fishing was not included.

    Also I guess what wasn’t as clear I was only looking at paid draw tickets not those assigned by ICANN after taking into account the non-paid draw tickets so up to 1,766 gTLD applications

    I published a post later yesterday discussing the prioritization of those applications that did not purchase a ticket to the draw.

    Sorry if I was unclear.

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