5 More New gTLD Apps Withdrawn: Including .Swiss, .GMBH,.HILTON

5  more new gTLD applications have been formerly withdrawn, for a total of 13 withdrawn new gTLD applications

Here are the 5 new gTLD application just posted as withdrawn on the ICANN website:






Here are more details about each withdrawn application


This application was submitted by GMBH Registry, LLC of Reston, Virginia and was submitted  by Josh Borne of Fairwinds Partners.

The TLD mission was to:

“bringing to market a trusted, hierarchical, and intuitive namespace for business entities organized as a Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (“GmbHs”). ”

“GMBH Registry is an entity that has been newly created for the purpose of bringing the .GMBH gTLD to market.”

“Commonly found in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Central European countries, GmbHs entities vary in size and revenue, and are among the most popular type of business entity. ”

“It is with this wide usage of the GmbH entity across business segments in mind that GMBH Registry is applying for the .GMBH gTLD. The .GMBH gTLD will provide businesses and consumers with a trusted and secure namespace to both display and access online content related to GmbH entities worldwide.”

There are still 5 other applicants for the .GMBH TLD including Google and Straat Investments (.Co operators) and Donuts.


The application was withdrawn by Swiss Airlines which wanted to operate .Swiss as a .Brand TLD.

The other applicant for .Swiss is the community application of the Government, The Swiss Confederation.

Seems as if the airline did not think it could overcome the community geographical application.

Here is the proposed use for the .Swiss TLD by the remaining applicant:

The goals of the .swiss TLD are:

(a) to facilitate digital communications to, from and within the Swiss community;
(b) to support and promote the international visibility and renown of Switzerland and the Swiss community, Swiss culture, monuments and institutions, as well as economic and social activities, in the common interest of the Swiss community;
(c) to represent a long-term community-wide shared effort to strengthen the value and prestige of Swiss arts, culture, products and services, to meet consumer expectations and enhance consumer confidence;
(d) to preserve the geographical, linguistic and social meaning of the word “Swiss”;
(e) to provide a platform for the development of the Swiss community in cyberspace.


The withdrawn application was filed by HLT Stakis IP Limited of McClean Virginia its Affiliate Hilton Worldwide Inc was submitted by MarkMonitor.com as a .Brand application

The purpose of the .Hilton TLD was to “provide Internet users and consumers who use our hilton.com website with a trustworthy and secure online experience, to protect the famous Hilton brand, and to promote Hilton”.

Seems as the company just decided to go with Hilton.com after all.

There are not other applicants for .Hilton


The withdrawn application was filed by CBM Creative Brands Marken GmbH as a .brand application whose official site is currently Ansons.de

There are no other applications for a .Ansons.


The application for .Skolkovo was filed by the non-proft, Fund for Development of the Center for Elaboration and Commercialization of New Technologies of Moscow.

Here was how the applicant described the purpose of the TLD:

“The innovation center “Skolkovo” was established under the initiative of President Dmitry Medvedev and the Government of Russian Federation to encourage innovation processes in Russia, attract crème de la crème of the research, engineer, education and business communities and engage them in generation of competitive science-intensive development projects in a most innovative urban environment.

ʺSkolkovoʺ is a unique R&D center focusing on science-intensive and innovation technologies. Located in Russia, Skolkovo is set to grow as a critical link in the global chain of its peers.

The applied-for gTLD .SKOLKOVO will become an e-platform for the above initiatives and projects. It will likewise serve as an addressing vehicle for the global and domestic R&D and innovation community.

Mission of the TLD .SKOLKOVO is a two-fold one and comprises the global component and the local one:

1) The global component of the mission is to establish an unambiguously identified on-line representative office to the Skolkovo Innovation Center as a unique Russian innovation powerhouse and a part of an ever-widening network of similar centers;

2) The local component of the mission is to promote domestically the SICʹs innovative fundamental features, such as championing cutting-edge research and vigorous development, fostering a vibrant and diverse multinational community, unleashing the maximum human potential, and boasting the modern-day environment and green living standards.


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    Currently applicants can receive a refund of 70% of the application fee, unless the application got a GAC early warning in which case the refund is 80% at this point.

    However the refund percentage goes down over time.

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