Brand Protection Companies Need To Do Better Job Protecting Their Clients On TM Dropping Domains

We have written many times about instances where Brand Protection companies fail to protect their clients by not registering or acquiring domain names before the launch of a new product or service.

Today we are calling them out for not even attempting to re-register dropping domains which have TM implications.

We have been watching some potential Trademark infringing dropping domains for some time now and are pretty shocked to see that none of the usual brand protection companies have even attempted to try to re-register the domains.

I’m not talking about a bunch of typo’s or misspells either.

I’m talking about bang on names of companies and products of companies.

Here are a few domains that dropped in the past couple days:

In each case the domain is of famous brand (or personality) and none of these domain were re-registered by a brand protection company although I’m sure each and everyone of them uses such a company.

While understandably brand protection companies may have a hard time to justify the time vs. reward for going though drop lists everyday they could pay people who do go through the list everyday, domainers a per domain fee for finding these types of domains and getting them registered for their clients.

Its also pretty frustrating have sat through years of objection by the trademark holders lobby of the new gTLD based on concerns of brand abuse to see these same companies allowing bang on TM domains to drop without even attempting to register them on behalf of their clients


  1. JamesD says

    Call me a cynical old goat, but don’t these guys want people registering these names? If your company made mouse traps, you wouldn’t introduce one big supertrap that made mice extinct.

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