Did Another Domain Parking Company Just Buy Internet-Traffic.com For $1K? Fair or Foul?

I just noticed an interesting domain name cross the Sedo.com sales wire today.

The domain name is Internet-Traffic.com which is identical to Frank Schilling’s monetization company, InternetTraffic.com with the addition of a hyphen.

The domain name Internet-Traffic.com, which is just a landing page at this moment, was under privacy, but the whois has been update to show the information of the new owner which appears on closer examination to have a relationship with another domain name parking company, ParkingCrew.com

Here is the whois:
domain:                      internet-traffic.com
status:                      LOCK,TRANSFER-LOCK-60
owner-c:                     LULU-11531281
admin-c:                     LULU-11531281
tech-c:                      LULU-11531281
zone-c:                      LULU-11531281
nserver:                     ns1.parkingcrew.net
nserver:                     ns2.parkingcrew.net
created:                     2012-11-25 06:19:10
expire:                      2014-04-03 12:48:46 (registry time)
changed:                     2012-11-25 07:10:14

[owner-c] handle:            11531281
[owner-c] type:              PERSON
[owner-c] title:
[owner-c] fname:             Webcapital
[owner-c] lname:             GmbH
[owner-c] org:
[owner-c] address:           Ottostrasse 19
[owner-c] city:              Munchen
[owner-c] pcode:             80333
[owner-c] country:           DE
[owner-c] state:             DE
[owner-c] phone:             +49-89-0000001
[owner-c] fax:               +49-89-0000001
[owner-c] email:             whois@webcapital.net
[owner-c] protection:        B
[owner-c] updated:           2012-04-25 12:09:22

Here is the whois information for ParkingCrew.com

domain:                      parkingcrew.com
status:                      LOCK
owner-c:                     LULU-11204537
admin-c:                     LULU-11204537
tech-c:                      LULU-11204537
zone-c:                      LULU-11204537
nserver:                     a.ns14.net
nserver:                     b.ns14.net
created:                     2011-01-13 10:36:04
expire:                      2013-01-13 10:36:04 (registry time)
changed:                     2012-01-15 07:31:11

[owner-c] handle:            11204537
[owner-c] type:              PERSON
[owner-c] title:
[owner-c] fname:             Team
[owner-c] lname:             Internet GmbH
[owner-c] org:
[owner-c] address:           Lindwurmstrasse 25
[owner-c] city:                  Munchen
[owner-c] pcode:             80337
[owner-c] country:           DE
[owner-c] state:                BY
[owner-c] phone:             +49-89-41614600
[owner-c] fax:               +49-89-416146090
[owner-c] email:             whois@teaminternet.de
[owner-c] protection:        B
[owner-c] updated:           2012-01-23 09:54:30

WebCapital GMBH the registered owner of Internet-Traffic.com appears to be run by Stefan Wiegard, who is one of the “founders and managing partners of Internet AG”

“In addition to the domain parking platform ParkingCrew.com, Internet GmbH is the team responsible for the aftermarket solution BuyName.com and the specialist domain Traffic Direct Advertiser Network DNTX.com”.

Stefan Wiegard of Parking Crew and featured in a DnJournal.com Article last year (so was I for that matter)

So it appears that the new owners of Internet-Traffic.com has a relationship to the company that also owns ParkingCrew.com

At the end of the day what do you think, fair or foul?


  1. says

    …why do I even want to bother with a hyphen? Is there no creative name that doesn’t require one, now? If they lack the imagination to even create a brand, what good are they? I ain’t interested…

  2. says

    Internet-Traffic.com was on the Sedo report last week.
    I know because I had noticed Internet-Traffic.com at Sedo when I searched the whole Sedo database and sorted by traffic. It was reporting bogus traffic as it was in the top 5 domains parked at Sedo.
    I guess it will be banned from Google sometime soon…

  3. says

    saw the sale on sedo also .. my thought :””Germans DO love hyphens”.

    In my opinion a waste of money. And not even worth the money to file an UDRP.

  4. JamesD says

    It’s a generic term so no problem there, however it could be seen as sharp practice and at the end of the day, the domain isn’t worth the bad feeling it could cause.

    I doubt FS is too bothered though.

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