Quick Poll: Will Verisign Gets The .Com Contract Renewed?

We are going to run a poll for just tonight on whether Verisign is going to get its contract  to operate the .Com registry renewed.

Today Verisign scheduled a conference call and live webcast for tomorrow morning on the status of the renewal of the contract to run the .com registry.

So the question is simple.

Will Verisign Get its Contract to Run The .Com Registry Renewed?

You can answer



Yes but with price reductions

Yes with reduced rate increases

Yes with price reductions and reduced rate increases.

We will close the poll at 8:25 Am EST tomorrow morning.

For bragging rights feel free to comment blew.




  1. says

    I’ll vote for none of the above, i.e. we get a 6-month extension, so that the NTIA/DOC/DOJ can spend more time on it.

    The “dream” scenario is that the contract gets rejected, with ICANN ordered to open up a tender process. I’d give that a 1% chance. It’s the best option for consumers, but this is all about politics, not economic rationality by regulators.

  2. says

    Mike: After hours, the stock of VeriSign is down $1.34, or roughly 3.4%. So, the market thinks any news will be negative. Although, the volume is extremely light after hours.

    If the contract was renewed, they should have halted trading, in my opinion.

    Realistically, there’s an 80% chance that the regulators “hold their nose” and push back real reform until 2018 (when wholesale prices would exceed $10/yr). But, the other 20% is tantalizing. Keep hope alive! :)

  3. says

    Yes, with reduced rate increases. Price will not drop. Marketplace study done by an unnamed large, gigantic, dominant registry that was never released showed no real/wholesale price resistance until north of $50-$53.

  4. says


    The market does not like uncertainty I think that is what your seeing reflected in after hours trading.

    I don’t see a problem with the timing of the announcement company’s generally make announcements after the market is closed or before it opens.

    I think your going to see renewal with reduced rate increases.

  5. Domenclature.com says


    I agree with your points, and conclusion on this one. But, I will add just a little to it, for Verisign, here it goes:


  6. seb says

    I’ve always thought that this new gtlds thing was only a recreational activity for Frank Shilling, a way for Uniregistry to make itself a name in the registry business through a Trojan horse, the ultimate goal being to run the dotCom registry.

    And Owen is right, the dotNet registry might be a step to take him there.

  7. says

    Well, the news is out (I won’t post a link, but check Yahoo Finance). VRSN gets another 6 years, but no automatic price increases.

    And, supposedly, “pricing restrictions may be removed entirely if Verisign demonstrates to the Commerce Department’s satisfaction that market conditions no longer warrant such restrictions.” That’d be dangerous, because it could reopened the tiered/differential/variable pricing debate (i.e. having .TV style pricing, with a different renewal price for each domain, e.g. hotels.com = $1 million/yr, Google.com = $1 billion/yr, etc.).

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