Domain Registrar 1and1 Running TV Commercials Promoting “Domain Days” Without Owning

The domain name registrar, is is running televisions commercial in some heavy rotation today during NFL games touting its domain name registration sale its calling “Domain Days” for November.

Not only doesn’t own the domain name, but to add insult to injury the domain is not even registered at its registered at

You can watch the domain days commercial here

The domain name was just registered a few months ago by a company NOMITION LTD of the UK who owns  the domain name marketplace




  1. serryjw says

    To ad insult to injurt, they won’t be able to track the success/failure of the TV advertising. WHO runs this shop?

  2. says

    The ad is clearly 1&1 ad .. the only people rushing to the slogan are domainers.

    They registered the other names, etc. which makes sense as that’s how they appear in the commercial.

    Are we really suggesting that every time you have any kind of slogan you have to give $10K to the idiot that registered it?

    Jos. A Bank haven’t even registerd Buy 1 Get 2 Free. Idiots.

    Amazon has but it doesn’t resolve.. so instead google chrome recommends or which they don’ t have .. Amazon is so stupid.

  3. says


    No you don’t have to “give any money to idiots” but I suggest and have suggested for a while, that before you embark on a multimillion dollar ad spend you either:

    register for $10 the domain matching your tag line and if that domain is not available then use a second choice whose tag line is available or go out and yes purchase the matching domain PRIOR to running the ads as the domain is likely to cost a fraction of what the owner is going to want after the ads start running.

    If you put millions of dollars behind an ad especially for a domain name registration company, without owning the matching .com, well your the idiot.

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