After TRAFFIC & ICANN Conference Our Winner For Best Swag Award Goes To: Rook Media

After attending both the TRAFFIC conference and the ICANN conference and grabbing all the free giveaways or Swag I could find (all in the interest of research) we are ready to award our Best Swag Award to:  RookMedia.Net

At TRAFFIC all those who stayed at the conference hotel got an envelope slipped under their door with a very crisp $10 bill.

The accompanying letter read in part:

“Instead of buying you yet another branded USB-Stick, we decided to give you something you can actually use.

So here’s ten bucks cash.

It’s a lot like how we do business at Rook.

Instead of giving you gadgets, t-shirts you’ll never wear or a party you’ve already been to 15 times before, we focus on what you really want from a parking company; more revenue and export customer support.”””

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and leave a lasting impression.

I will also say of all the printed material I received at both conference, this is the only one I read through in its entirety.

Well done Rook

The only improvement I can suggest next year is a crisp $100 bill.


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