The Future Of Geo Domains: Makes $125K In 1st Year Of Selling SubDomains & Email Addresses

I had a chance to sit down with Josh Metnick who owns and started selling subdomains & email addresses ending in

In the first year, sales of subdomains and vanity email addresses using generated some $125,000 in revenue with virtually no marketing.

Josh shared the numbers with exclusively:

“” is going well — our first year sales were approximately $125,000, but it’s recurring high-margin revenue. ”

“First batch of yearly renewals came up — and the renewal rate was actually higher than 100%, which is interesting. ”

“What that means — is that during the renewal process, our existing customers not only renewed, but they placed additional orders– significantly more than we lost. ”

“I believe we lost five customers total in 14 months or so.  ”

“We are targeting around $250,000+ next year, maybe more if we do a deal with a local media partner.”

“Our marketing budget for the first year was around $5,000, so we will be putting more into it and also doing a large drive for Cyber-Monday, as roughly 50% of our sales are given as gifts, we didn’t see that.”

“Another thing we did not see was Spanish language names.”

“Chicago is roughly 30% Hispanic.”

“We sold, and then the same firm, which has attorneys who specialize in Spanish-speaking clients, bought — so this again is taking us in another, unexpected direction.”

“We sold and to one of the largest VC-based “” for parking companies– Spot Hero, to help create a portal for Chicago parking. will be launching soon.”

“A domainer bought and (we bundle the subdomain and the email) for investment purposes, we have had some of those.”

Josh confirmed that the system he developed has spread to other Geo domains including:;  they just went live about two weeks ago, but cannot reveal sales numbers there, they are ramping up.; they are live but it is not being promoted, so we are in the process of re-doing all of the direct marketing efforts.; This went live a little while ago, we have something like 50+ Israeli’s on the system, these names have been selling, as well, we have been selling emails.  Pricing is more simplified on this system, we are testing different price points.

“”We’ve sold several thousand dollars worth but officially just launched that site today actually.”

Even smaller US cities are signing up and seeing results.

“We recently launched for Brookline MA  and is next.”

“For identity-centric domains, the domainer sets their own pricing,  so while we charge several thousand dollars for and ongoing $750/year for that name , I think if you had a small or medium sized city name, or other name like, etc. you could make good incremental revenue by putting the system up at or and if you sell 1,000 emails at $99/year, etc.”

“It’s an extra $50k a year (we do 50/50 rev split and handle all backend stuff, customer service, etc. cut checks on 7th of each month for previous 30 days collected) in recurring, high margin revenue — it’s a good addition to whatever revenue streams you may have.”

“I think it could be yet another way to monetize gTLD’s that are identity-centric, have strong emotional properties people identify with.”

“We see this spreading to other generic .com’s like “ which is also live but by invitation only and with elite pricing.  I can say that they do have customer traction, there is a market for what they are doing and they are refining their branding.”

It seems Josh has really come up wit a a no-brainier money maker for the owners of Geo domains even generic domains.

Selling subdomains and vanity email addresses  while keeping the domain for the domain holders use.

It also seems to me to prove out that there will be a market for new gTLD’s certainly if people are willing to pony up for subdomains and vanity email addresses of existing .com’s there would seem to be a demand for the Geo new gTLD’s such as .NYC, .Boston., .Miami, .Paris, .Vegas and .Brussels to name a few.

As for it should be noted that no one applied for the new gTLD of .Chicago meaning that Josh has many years of selling subdomains and vanity email addresses with no competition.

Congrats to Josh and his team for developing a winning formula.



  1. says

    This is great news for GEO .com domain owners!

    However, successfully selling sub-domains in .com, e.g., bodes very well indeed for some
    of the up-coming GEO-based gTLDs…

    These sub domains, in .com, are ‘a dot too far’ in my opinion
    and gTLD names such as mybusiness.chicago will be seen as
    being much more intuitive and valuable.

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