In the opening ceremony at the ICANN conference the new CEO of ICANN, FadiI Chehade announced that ICANN just Launched MyICANN.org

Here is what Mr. Chehade has to say about the new site:

“ICANN.org will continue to be a great vehicle for communications, for publication, for education. anyone new coming to learn what is ICANN, that’s what ICANN.org is.

But what we were missing is an area for stakeholder engagement, an area where people can come and get their work done.

So I’m happy to announce today MyICANN.org.

You can go to it right now on any device,  it’s completely mobile-aware and mobile-ready.

Myicann.org is an addition to ICANN.org.

It’s a new environment that’s personalized, that has a master calendar, because god knows how many things are going on in the icann community and it gives you the ability, in one place, to get in and get your work done at ICANN

MyICANN.org, which starts today, it actually is being unveiled as we speak and you can check it out,  will have initially, in the next few months, four main components.

The first one is information distribution and management, because god knows, again, how much information is in the ICANN sites and partner sites and other sites that serve the ICANN community.

Lots of information.

When i was given the count of even the sites and micro-sites we manage, it was in the tens. close to a hundred sites.

How do you get at the information you need?

Let’s say I only speak Russian and i go to ICANN today. how do i find everything i need in Russian?

Let’s say I’m only interested in things related to the SSAC. How do i see what’s new about the SSAC?

Very difficult.

We’re going to solve that.

Secondly, we’re going to put the full process management system inside that, which means if you are interested in a particular policy development process, a pdp, you can go and see it live. you can see where it is. you can click on it.

You can ask for alerts when things are happening.

It will be a live process management tool that allows you to manage your work in ICANN.

Thirdly, we’re going to put training tools for the new participants to help them learn how to work within ICANN, and to help them advance and become even better at participating in the various ICANN activities.

Lastly, we’re going to build a true collaboration tool for synchronous and asynchronous meetings, so we don’t have meetings and then the meetings go away and when we meet next time, what happened at that meeting?

Where are the documents that were shared?

What were the action items?

Who voted on what?

We’re going to create a true collaboration platform that allows all this information to be in one place and to be managed now, here’s the more interesting, even, part which will please many of the people doing business or working with us.

We’re going to also take all of our internal systems as we build them and bring them online and connect them into myicann.org.

So if you have some team at ICANN managing your trouble ticket, you’ll be able, through myicann.org to see that trouble ticket, its status, what’s going on with it, live.

This is basic. This is happening all over the place today. There is no new invention here.

What we’re going to do, though, is bring it all together. and remember, in Prague, I told you I’m going to step outside of ICANN and look at it from the outside in, look at it from your perspective.

That’s why we call this “MYICANN.”

“I’m coming to ICANN; I need to get my business done.

We just started this effort, so all we have right now is a very small beta, but it’s beginning, and i wanted to bring it out today so you see it and you give us input and you tell us where to go from here.

“So this is for you to look at, to play with, and to give us insight and input.

So anybody, including a Mountie, could come in today and get to myicann on the web, they can get to it on any small,  any mobile device, they can link it to their rss engine, their e-mail engine, their calendar. They can do all of that today.

Very easy. you can create an account in a second, and i encourage you to do so because you can browse it without an account but with an account you get some extra features which I’ll show you.

The front page is pretty straightforward. you see all the most recent views of ICANN.

Anything that is happening in all of our sites will appear real-time here.

On the right-hand side, you’ll see any particular information that we want you to see, any featured information, any today’s news, et cetera.
now, let me show you the two cool things in this first very, very small version.

I want you to appreciate the value you can get here.

If you press on “all topics” at the top, you’ll be able to go in and on the left-hand side see a series of topics. You can pick the topic you’re interested in.

Say i’m interested in groups, advisory committees, and ssac.

Everything that is published right now this second in anyplace at ICANN related to this shows up on the right-hand side, if you click on it, you go into the actual article, and if you open that article, you’ll be able to see everything.

This is all streamed live, by the way. we didn’t re-enter all this information. myicann is streaming all this information live from all these sources.
so here it is. all the information.

It has this great smart, very smart engine that shows you any other information, more like what you just opened, at the bottom of each page and of course at the top of this page, if you simply click on the title, it actually takes you to the source of that article.

If you save an article, you can remove it, you can e-mail it, you can print it, you can get a link and share it with somebody.

That is all available to you real-time.

Every topic.

I want to also show you a couple of cool things here on the calendar because i know this has been a bit of heartache for me.

When you go to “calendar,” myicann is actually going to display to you all of the calendars available in ICANN, all in one button.

These calendars will be shown in different colors, and we need to get a pdp going for colors, so we make sure we don’t upset anybody with colors. but you are welcome to tell us that the alac prefers a different color.

Of course you can change the time zone immediately.

This is utc but you can change it in any time zone. when you register, it will automatically do that for you.

Here i’m seeing all the calendars, but i can say that i’m only interested maybe to see the gnso calendar, so it will go and sort that out for me. and of course the calendars are also linked to your personal calendar, so you’re able, after you see any of these calendar items, to go to the bottom of this and say — here — this is of course all the calendars.

It works with outlook, he works with ial.

You’ll be able to put these events straight into your personal calendar and they’ll be automatically updated by myicann, okay? so that’s all linked and working. if you open any of these items, it will show you the origin of that item. it will go pull that information and you’re able to understand where that item came from.

So this is the calendar and there’s one last feature that i really like here before i do something else.

If you go to “my account,” i presume this is a logged-in user that i’m using — is this a logged-in user that i’m using?

If you go to “my account,” there’s a feature that i really like.

I just told you we need to kill e-mail but I’m about to show you how to create more e-mail, so please do this judiciously. but if you insist to get ICANN views via e-mail, because maybe you don’t have time to go to myicann, you can go here after you set your time zone and say, “listen, every Monday and Thursday at — i don’t know — at 5:00, 6:00 a.m. because with my coffee, i want all new information about the ssac, and it automatically puts that on the right, “all new information about the alac,” and once you do that’s correct you’ll get that e-mail in your inbox. it will pick all the new information and add more e-mail to your e-mail.

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