Frank Schilling Has the Key To ICANN

Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry is a sponsor for the ICANN conference once again and all of the room keys of the attendees who are staying at the hotel where the conference is being held are receiving a Uniregistry branded key when checking in.

When it comes to marketing its pretty tough to beat domainers as the .Co folks have shown.

Clearly Frank’s Uniregistry is going to be another successful registry.



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    “Clearly Frank‚Äôs Uniregistry is going to be another successful registry.”

    Are we already declaring winners?

    Time will tell. Right now they have put out tens of millions of dollars with nothing in return.

    They are competing with several major players for the best strings.
    If they want to be a player that means tens to hundreds of millions more.

    If they don’t end up getting the best strings they could get left holding the bag on wasted application fees.

    Then they will have to compete on a flooded market vs other strings as well.


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    Of all the risks I would say the greatest could be Google and their ilk destroying regular people in auctions and then giving the names away for free. Other big risks are confusion, too much inventory, flight to .Com quality, hype.

  3. says

    I don’t see why domainers with good .com’s would need to get involved in this high-risk stuff involving ICANN. It seems to me a sure bet to exploit the domains they already have.

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    The biggest winner of all in the gTLD sweeps may be Verisign. They hold the gtld transliterations of .com and .net in a myraid of languages in markets serving upwards of 3 billion non-english speaking people ….Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Hindi, Korean, Thai, Hebrew and more.

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