See The Video On How The InternetTraffic, App Works (it’s Cool) just posted a 2 Minute video on how their new patented DomainNameSales App works.

To see the video click here.

The product looks very cool, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it to try it out.

Basically it lets you in a very simple App format Sell domains, handle offers, negotiate price without the hassle of emails.

The App will send the emails to the buyer for you.

The App also lets you select one of several brokers if you want them to handle the sale for you.

Sales can be closed by with the brokers being paid out of the proceeds.

All and all it looks to be the next generation in domain name sales and I’m looking forward to the full presentation during the TRAFFIC conference¬† at 10:30am on Tuesday.


  1. says

    Apple’s slogan for the iPhone 5 is it’s the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone.

    Well, to me, IT/DNS is the biggest thing to happen to domaining since domaining. Parking revenue is still almost double what it was with the previous parking company and no ridiculous 15-20% brokerage fees subtracted from my sales.

  2. John Berryhill says

    Y’know… A Flash video to advertise an iPhone app may not have been the best thought out plan. Doh!

    But I think a lot of people are going to like this app, and the power it will put literally into their own hands. It’s a game changed.

  3. sl says

    Great idea but according to the site only very few will qualify for the platform:

    “The partners we seek are experienced owner-operators who maintain some of the highest quality domains on the internet. We seek generic name operators whose portfolios consist of type-in domains that have withstood the test of time.”

    That’s a really tight segment, certainly less than 100k .coms total for type-ins. And it seems odd that brandables would be totally excluded given the potential for high-ticket end-user sales.


  4. domaineye says

    Game change?

    Having a hard time seeing that.

    So you can start haggling over price via your smartphone? You can send an email to a potential buyer from your smartphone?

    Game change?

    That’s like bringing a smartphone to a turkish bazaar. The point is that you’ve just enabled haggling (same old, same old) from a new device.

    Can you imagine finding something to buy on Amazon and then sending them a message that you are interested in buying it, waiting for Amazon to send you a message back (from their Smart Phone!) and being impressed that we have Changed The Game?

    Call me skeptical.

    Maybe it’s time to tone down the hype.

  5. says

    How will the experience be better or more productive than accessing your email ? or the acutal website for your “Favorite MLS” via the iphone5 ?
    or an IPAD?
    just curious…

  6. says

    SL, InternetTraffic/DomainNameSales is going to be opened up to everyone. It is not going to be exclusive anymore.

    The app is only iOS, Frank said in his email no support for Android.

  7. Adam Strong says

    I’ve been beta testing the app for a couple days. It has most of what you see on the web version with some simplification/streamlining and some features like ‘ask a friend’ that aren’t tied to the web. I think it’s a nice step in the right direction of simplification, streamlining, and putting everything at your finger tips, but not sure about changing my game . . . yet.

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