Quick Poll: Hobby.com At Auction At SnapNames.com, Bidding Hits $26K With 3 Days To Go, How Much Will It Sell For?

The category killer domain name Hobby.com is currently in a closed auction at SnapNames.com

There are 172 bidders in the closed auction and the current high bid is $26,000 as of time of publication.

The domain seems to have been put up for auction without reserve so someone with some big chops took the risk.

The domain isn’t even part of a highlighted auction but it seems well on its way to a nice sale price.

The question is what will the domain sell for?


You can vote on the poll on the right and for bragging rights leave you prediction below.



  1. Adam Strong says

    Why on earth would anyone do a closed auction on that name, and am I reading that right, ending on a weekend ?
    ugh ! face-palm. If it were an open auction it’d get in to six figures. I’ll predict $85k

  2. says


    On the off occasion I post something about a soon to be closed auction before the back order deadline I catch hell so basically I don’t do it

    On the other hand 171 people other than myself saw it and back ordered it before the deadline.

  3. says


    Good point.

    This is the kind of name MrsJello and National A-1 love. If I had the cashflow you guys do, I’d go for it too. I don’t so I’ll just have to live with my Bacteremia.com’s for $69.


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