Just Publishes 5 Reasons Why You Should Leave Godaddy (and How)

Talk about hitting someone when there down, just published a post entitled 5 Reasons Why You Should Leave Godaddy (and How).

Forbes writes in part:

“In the last few years, GoDaddy has come under fire plenty of times – and for plenty of reasons. Not only has the company used sexual advertising several times to promote its services (reasons 1-3 why anyone paying GoDaddy money should leave, we’ll say), but CEO Bob Parsons murdered a wild elephant in Zimbabwe (reason number 4) and then supported SOPA (which thankfully did not pass – and reason number 5.)”

“Today, GoDaddy lost control of its services almost entirely, coming under attack by apparently Anonymous, causing almost every one of its hosted websites to go offline, along with most of GoDaddy’s email service and some of the domains registered through GoDaddy.”

“Why millions of websites are still hosted with GoDaddy is beyond me, but enough is enough. If you’re ready to leave GoDaddy, here are a few great alternatives to register/transfer your domain names and hosting.”

Actually I’m pretty surprised not to have gotten a special offer from by now.


  1. says

    Bad people are going to do what bad people are going to do. Generally speaking, Godaddy offers a cheap, easy to use, and functional service. I’ve used them for five years – domains, email, hosting, etc. – they work.

    I refuse to blame a company for downtime due to a malicious, illegal attack by somebody else.

  2. says

    Girls in advertising? Must be a new concept.

    “Best of luck goDaddy our thoughts are with you during these hard times.” We’ll continue using your fine services and know you’ll get right back up and prove ’em all wrong! Surely this has nothing to do with the fact that you own 30 odd% of the overall domain market.

  3. says

    Stay the course GoDaddy, we’ll stay with you! You provide great service at a fair price. We are happy to see Danica every chance we get and the next time Bob Parsons heads off to Africa I’ll go along with him for my second hunting safari, the first having been a wonderful 10 day adventure. Ignore the naysayers, we like GoDaddy just as it is!

  4. hot temper says

    Concerning Go Daddy–Been with them for 9 years. Customer service is their strong point. Bob Parsons employs ( I don’t know how many) Americans in AZ. All are very talented young people that help Hot Temper with all issues. 99.999% of the time I have been the author of my own despair. They are experienced, patient and caring.

    I will not leave Go Daddy. If I were bob Parsons I would ask the 5 million customers if they wanted to kick in and offer a 20 million dollars reward for the individuals that knocked us all out of business today. The US Gov should also offer reward. It probably cost many millions in loss revenue.—–I could continue but whats the use. Those of you who are business folk understand–the rest do not matter-

  5. says

    I don’t know what the tech support is like but if there is a problem the matter will end up in their legal department and not their tech support. The question is whether you can expect their legal department to handle issues reasonably.

  6. says

    Go Daddy is a scam and so is 35 dollars renewal on all Domains Call them with a issue 1 hr wait on hold. Garbage company

  7. says

    Back Order system on Go Daddy is a fraud, Shill Bidding is done by a hidden company, Look for the domain to be swooped up by a fake company Go then you bid against Go Daddy to buy the domain. I have proof positive evidence. From start to finish Screen Shots all the way as they played the game. Do NOT Back Order anything at Go Daddy you tip them off on the domain and then they steal it from you and make you bid on it against them.

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