Top 50 Most Pre-Registered New gTLD’s Domain Names From an ICANN accredited registrar has taken almost 850,000 “pre-registrations” of new gTLD’s domain names.

The registrar has been publishing a top 10 list of the new gTLD’s by number of “pre-registrations” now has a top 50 list.

The numbers are in real time so they are valid as of time of publication.

As we always point out there is no charge to pre-register a new gTLD at

Here you go:

1.WEB 116,924
2.SHOP 71,264
3.SITE 53,944
4.HOTEL 26,599
5.MUSIC 21,994
6.NYC 19,720
7.FILM 16,283
8.ECO 15,467
9.BERLIN 15,296
10.SPORT 14,051
11.LOVE 12,723
12.FREE 12,719
13.LONDON 11,212
14.MONEY 10,240
15.RADIO 10,096
16.ONE 9,387
17.VEGAS 8,721
18.GAY 8,487
19.VIP 8,373
20.MIAMI 8,079
21.PHONE 8,040
22.SECURE 7,990
23.BLOG 7,976
24.PARIS 7,799
25.CLUB 7,591
26.GREEN 7,500
27.EARTH 7,455
28.MED 7,374
29.HAMBURG 7,335
30.MOVIE 7,164
31.QUEBEC 7,065
32.AFRICA 7,056
33.MOSCOW 6,825
34.WINE 6,614
35.SKI 6,003
36.BIKE 5,989
37.MADRID 5,955
38.BAYERN 5,584
39.SCOT 5,520
40.SEX 5,389
41.KOELN 5,377
42.SURF 5,028
43.ROMA 4,903
44.ROCKS 4,659
45.GMBH 4,545
46.VOTE 4,403
47.TODAY 4,222
48.CAR 4,058
50.BCN 3,906


  1. says

    Considering that pre-registration is free those numbers must be really distressing to TLD operators.

    Though I’m sure that a lot of people who might actually go for names aren’t really bothering pre-registering now.

    Hopefully they’ll publish the list of pre-registered slds soon. 😉

  2. Grim says


    It looks like people are taking advantage of the “free and non-binding” clause too, because I typed in some common and not too common words, and in many cases, a large number of extensions were already claimed.

  3. says

    Mental Masturbation – lol

    850k Seems like a big number for products that will not be available yet for a year. I wonder how any other consumer product would feel about 100,000 pre-orders a year before launch.

    And consider none of these registries have begun advertising, which will have a big impact when tlds present themselves to their target markets.

  4. says

    ” pre-orders a year before launch.”

    Those aren’t “pre-orders” they are pre-registrations. Pre-orders would suggest that they’ve been paid for or at least reserved with a credit card. You can go ahead and pre-register 1,000,000 names because it “is free and non-binding.” I suppose a company could overbid on an extension because these pre-registrations could be misleading.

  5. says

    Time is money: why bother to search for extensions, create an account etc. if you are not, at least interested to know about the domain? These pre-orders are excellent leads and in my opinion most of them will become actual domain names…

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