AdSafe Media Releases Q1-Q2 Report On Ad Viewability & Ad Collision

AdSafe Media, today announced the results of its Q1-Q2, 2012 Semi-Annual Review Report which outlines the current state of ad viewability and the prevalence of content and brand risks, such as ad collision, across verticals and channels.

“AdSafe’s study found that directly placed ads are most likely to be viewable, with 49.9 percent of ads in view for one second. ”

“On average, 20 percent or less of all ads are in view for 15 seconds or more.”

“In terms of content and brand risks, adult content and illegal downloads represent about half of today’s high-risk inventory”

“Ad collision represents another risk for brands online, with 6-7 % of ads “colliding” with other ads from the same campaign on a single webpage.”

Additional key findings of the Semi-Annual Report include:

  • The United Kingdom receives the greatest volume of ads intended for the U.S. market — approximately a quarter of all misplaced geo-targeted ads.
  • Sites that are used to accomplish some task, such as booking a hotel room or buying a house, see a slightly higher level of viewability as a whole than sites that deliver only content.
  • Financial and automotive sites show the lowest level of viewability, while sites devoted to contemplative subjects, such as religion & spirituality and home & garden, show the highest level.

“AdSafe analyzes over a billion ad impressions every day to help guide smarter, better informed decisions for buyers and sellers,” said Scott Knoll, CEO of AdSafe Media. “We are excited to share this exclusive, first to market data with the industry to raise awareness around issues like ad collision and provide the latest research into highly debated topics, such as ad viewability and inventory quality overall. We are also committed to providing solutions to address problems like viewability and collision rather than just measure them. We are currently the only company providing proactive solutions to today’s leading brand and performance risks.”

To download the complete results, visit:

On the issue of ad collision which AdSafe defines as:

“Ad collision, is the unintentional placement of multiple ads from the same campaign on a single webpage simultaneously”

“It is becoming more common with the growth of media buying and selling through real-time bidding. ”

“This can result in significant wasted media spend for advertisers. ”

“A recent analysis of billions of ad impressions reveals that between 6-7% of ads “collide” with other ads from the same campaign on a single webpage. ”

“The cost to advertisers of unintentionally displaying multiple ads from the same campaign simultaneously to users can be significant, as this percentage represents, $60,000 to $70,000 on a typical $1 million ad buy. ”

“Research also shows that pages that exhibit a high percentage of ad collision are more likely to be a source of click and impression fraud.”

Personally I don’t see how that differs from traditional media.  How many times do you see two car commercials or two beer commercial in the same commercial break on a Tv show?

How about print media, how many ads for competitive products can you find in a newspaper or magazine?

A ton.

While I’m sure every advertiser would like to be the exclusive advertiser for a certain category generally media is not sold that way and if it is, the advertiser is going to pay a premium probably above the 6% of loss Adsafe is claiming

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