Apple Does It Again: Names Its new Product The iPad Mini Without Securing The Domain Name 1st

Apple, Inc. (AAPL)  just named its smaller iPad,  the iPad Mini which is suppose to be released in October.

The domain name is owned by Elie Berreby of Paris.

The domain was registered in 2005 well before the iPad was named, but after the iPod was a best seller.

The iPhone wasn’t released until 2007.

The domain name goes to a page that says in part:

“IP Ad Mini is a geo advertising project (beta). We serve geo targeted ads based on the IP address of users. With precise geolocation services, our private clients can reach thier users near their real-life geographic area.”

Apple has a history of launching products without first obtaining the domain name. was purchased by Apple after it named the product.

Apple still does not own the domain name

Apple had to go to WIPO and the UDRP route to get the domain names;,,,, all because they didn’t register the domains prior to the roll out of its products.



  1. aapl says

    They can probably wipe away their tears of domain name anguish with the hundreds of billions of dollars they make by focusing on being relevant.

  2. Jp says

    Shouldn’t be too hard to buy with the $1Billion plus I recently read on Gizmodo that they were awarded in the case against Samsung.

  3. says

    If Elie Berreby plays cards wisely he might be able to sell that domain for a good chunck.

    From my point of view i would have contacted him earlier prior to the announcement.
    On the otherhand no early leakage.

  4. says

    “IP Ad Mini”. That’s a good one, assuming it was named in 2005, they never would have thought it could have a different future meaning.

    Wonder if Apple tried to secure the domain beforehand but wasn’t successful?

  5. Michael H. Berkens says


    “Wonder if Apple tried to secure the domain beforehand but wasn’t successful?”

    How can a company with over $100 billion in the bank not be successful?

  6. Shaun says

    1) Apple hasn’t announced anything concerning a new iPad yet. This info comes from an “unnamed source.”
    2) Apple doesn’t own the domain either. How did that work out for them?

  7. Grim says


    Since the site is currently claiming (truly or falsely) to be an ad-serving service, if it were to suddenly switch to selling Android apps, I’m sure Apple would have no problem getting it with a UDRP. They’re better off just leaving the site as is.

    As Apple doesn’t own either, it doesn’t look like they’re too concerned about owning the domain name of every product they sell. While it might be nice, everyone knows to go to for their products. In the meantime, I’m sure Apple keeps a careful eye on sites like, to see what the owner does with it.

  8. garyunderwood says

    Speaking of iPhone, Apple doesn’t even own Seems obvious they should have grabbed that when they got looks like they don’t even own the trademark!

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