Urban Times Moves To UT.co On September 19th

For the second day in the row a online media source announced plans to change its URL from a .com to a shorter .Co address

Today Urban Times whose URL is theurbn.com writes that effective September 19th, its moving its site to the domain UT.co

“Urban Times, which as of 19th September will be redirecting from the vowel-dropping obscurity of  theurbn.com to the simple clarity of urbantimes.co.”

“Along with this, we will be launching a shortener of our very own: UT.CO. We have some special plans for it; think link-shortener for optimistic forward-thinking.”

As we said before we think domaining 6.0 is all about branding.

Yesterday we wrote about Techcocktail.com changing its domain name to tech.co with the .com now forwarding the .co address.

We still think the future of domaining is all about brandable domains and we are adjusting our own portfolio based on this theory.



  1. says

    Hello MHB,

    When anyone buys a .Co extension replacing a Prime Located Virtual Business Foundationin the Top Tier Traffic Channel .COM extension, they are admitting to the world their utter failure at running an online business.

    Its the same as stamping F A I L U R E on your forehead expecting others to read Success. .Co is for failures nothing more.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  2. BrianWick says

    Ri.sk –
    What kind of person comments under “ri.sk” and “www.tl” and sometimes ussesss both on the same post – and yet you expect anyone to respect your ‘genius” and “knowledge”

    JamesD – on the note sometimes you cannot fix what is meant to be broke.

  3. says


    I’m sorry you’re living a small life, and I genuinely hope it gets
    better for you. On the subject of respecting my “genius”, and
    “knowledge”, I have never said anything of the kind.. anywhere.

    I do think it’s important, however, that people respond to the
    comments others HAVE actually made… It’s clear that you just
    want to insult me ‘though, and just like you, JamesD is defensive
    because of his inability to make a point.

  4. BrianWick says

    @ri.sk – @www.tl – @Richard Haigh ….
    Exactly – the point is someone who forces his hacks “ri.sk” and “www.tl” on posts – sometimes using both (or more) on the same post suggests someone who has significant Schizophrenic conversations with himself – and what is does suggest is somewhere along the line horrible wriong turns have been made.
    How can anyone respect an of the jibber (oops “genius” on “knowledge”) You And Yourself offer – that is all.

  5. says


    As I say, Brian, I know you have problems and I did ask you
    a while ago on here to ignore my comments unless you had
    something to say.

    Please now do as I request, and keep your pathetic delusions
    to yourself…

  6. BrianWick says

    @ri.sk – @www.tl – @Richard Haigh ….
    Of course I ignore all your comments – as does virtually everybody ewlse – because the ponly reason you are on this blog is to promote your domain hack garbage – that you offered to sell me 1 year ago and I am sure countless others.

  7. says


    Yes, it’s all true Brian, I have many aliases… and all of your
    comments make COMPLETE SENSE… now do you think you
    can leave me in peace? :-)

  8. JamesD says

    ‘Toot toot’

    Here she come’s ri.sk…show the guard your ticket…ooh, looks like you’re in first class!

  9. BrianWick says

    @ri.sk –
    Thanks for your desparately needed support – I have been having a hard time jerking off lately – even in front of the mirror :)

    Anyone that promotes their domain hacks while offering commentary on a post – cannot be “left in peace” and cannot be taken seriously :(

  10. says

    Whilst it’s always heartwarming to watch people spray misplaced vitriol, just thought I’d weigh in with some facts.

    Unfortunately the original post was misleading: Urban Times’s domain is moving to urbantimes.co, whereas UT.co is being used as a LINK SHORTENER only. This information was in the original article in the directly quoted portions, but the rest of the accompanying text was inaccurate and contradicted it.

    That’s all.

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