FastCompany: If you Own More Than 300 Domain Names You Suffer From Domain Name Addiction

In what seems like an Article published by,, just published an article asking  “Have You Registered 300 Domain Names?”

“If so, you may be suffering from “domain name addiction”–the tendency to register many URLs without following through on one strong idea, says recovering addict Lea Woodward.”


Ms. Woodward went on to say:

“At one stage I had about 90, which is apparently nothing. A lot of online entrepreneurs have 150, 200, as many as 300 domains registered. Not websites–just domains registered for an idea they had. Imagine how much that costs to renew every year! I’ve whittled mine down to about 18″

Here is part of the interview:

You registered all those .coms?

Yep. And the .orgs and .nets.

Is there a name for this problem?

I call it DNA–domain name addiction.

Did you register that one too?

No. Perhaps I should…

Sorry Ms. Woodward, that one in .com has been registered since 2006.  However and are available as of time of publication

You can check out the whole story here.



  1. Grim says

    @Mike Mann

    If “addiction” is 300 names, then 300,000 or 500,000 must surely be some sort of domain name overdose. (DNO)

    May you and others like you, rest in peace.

  2. Orangelo says

    It’s a silly article by them designed to take up space in their mag.

    I guess they had a lack of stories for the month.

  3. says

    I got a few years ago. The first step is always to acknowledge you have a problem. I thought buying would be a good way to acknowledge i have a problem buying so many domains…

    Is that flawed logic?

  4. Steven Sikes says

    I actually read the article. This seems less like a case of domain addiction, and more a case of frivolous business idea, and really no clear biz model. I own pets and travel a lot, and I’ve never searched for what was it? Nomadic Pets, or Pet Nomads? Maybe there’s a niche for people seeking vets for their pets while they travel, or maybe an AIRBNB for folks who want to drop off their pets at peoples’ homes, rather than kennels, but good luck with that.

    I’ll stay with the domain addiction, for now.

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