TRAFFIC Opens Up Submissions For The Live Domains Auction Including Pay For Submission Domains

According an email sent out by the organizers of the TRAFFIC conference they are formally opening up submission for the live domain name auction that will be held at the conference.

Like last year there are several ways to get you domain submitted into the auction.

Either have one of the most saleable domain based on reserve pricing or use the “Guaranteed Placement Program”

IN announcing the opening of submissions, Mr,. Schwartz made it clear the type of domains he was looking for the auction:

“I will tell you right now, that unless it is a truly PREMIUM domain, don’t submit a domain with a high reserve in 2012. The competition for the slots will eliminate you from the get go. Even “Guaranteed Placements” have to have reserves in line with current market conditions.”

“If you don’t need to sell, the auction format we have is NOT designed for you. ”

“This is basically a WHOLESALE auction, not RETAIL, as the bidders are primarily other domain investors. ”

“The market is soft and to be honest, it may be in your best interest to wait for the next pop. ”

“Nobody is forcing you to try and sell when things are not that good. However if you are really aggressive and want to turn some of your gems into cash, then that can happen because we have a focused and qualified audience and this is going to be an exciting auction.”

“My goal is to have a down and dirty auction that moves faster than most can keep up with. If there is no opening bid in the first 10 seconds. GAME OVER! NEXT Domain!”

“Your job as a seller is to have a better domain and a better price than the next guy. ”

As for bidding, it is either live in person or live over the phone or pre-bids or prearranged text. ”

“So we have multiple options for serious bidders. ”

“Until we can be assured that an online auction will run without flaws and 350 people in the room won’t have to wait and have things slowed down, this is the way we will handle it and nobody is  forcing anyone to participate if they don’t want to. ”

“You can send your entries to me starting TODAY.”

(To submit your domains you can email them by sending them to domainking at

“Do not send domains that you are advertising all over the place or you are not ready to commit to the auction. ”

“Not interested. ”

“Don’t send me a list of 1000 names. I won’t even look. Howard will be in touch and send you a contract once we decide. ”

“Because of the amount of submissions, you will only hear from us if we are considering placement to sign a contact. ”

“Reserves MUST be included.

“Domains will be judged against other submitted domains for quality and price. We reserve the right to reject a “Guaranteed Placement” on any domain name. If so any up-front money will be refunded.”

“Please don’t get mad at me if your domain is not selected. With a limited amount of slots and unlimited supply, my job is to be very choosey.”

“We charge 15% to auction a domain name.”

“Those that want to help with their own sale and marketing, and want a guaranteed placement in the auction, can pay a fee in advance and get a reduced commission rate if the domain sells. They can play an active role by using their own data to make contact with previous interested parties and end users to announce the place and time. of the auction and create a contest.”

“Commission rates as low as 6%

To see a chart of the various pay per submission fees click here for the pdf


  1. says

    I’d really like to see an online bidding option. By not having this the auction is closing the door to hundreds (if not more) of potential bidders.

  2. says

    Hello MHB,

    Hear this all you Shadow brokers, institutional buyers and speckers. These are hand picked Gems by the best in the business. We can assure you that most if not all selections will appreciate 10x to 100x depending on quality. The secondary market in .COMS has barely gotten off the ground. The capitalization of the secondary .COM vein is before us. This auction will present some sterling values, COUNT ON IT !

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  3. Josh says

    If they will surely appreciate 10-100x Jeff, why not buy them all yourself. Sorry but you lost me with this BS pitch right off the bat.

    The truth is you have no clue what will and will not surely appreciate and the market over all is slow right now, especially among resellers. You are looking for “great” generic .com names with low to no reserve and hope to not look like failures again and make a buck, thats the truth I ASSURE you!

    Why after all these years do we still feel the need to act like tacky cirucus tent pitch men, just tell it the way it is, like the article states.

  4. says

    Strange that for domains under $10,000, the commissions for guaranteed placement are higher than for regular placement. It doesn’t make sense to me to have to pay a placement fee and then end up with a higher fee taken from your sale.

  5. says

    Because of limited slots to begin with, we just don’t want to clutter the auction with domains at the lowest price levels.
    So the way to do that is price that level less attractively so it will keep the numbers in check.
    We have a sweet spot we are targeting and this helps us do that.

  6. BillW says

    @Jeff Schneider:
    JS posts above: “Hear this all you Shadow brokers, institutional buyers and speckers. These are hand picked Gems by the best in the business. ”

    Question: Jeff, how about explaining exactly WHO is picking these names?

    JS posts above : “WE can assure you that most if not all selections will appreciate 10x to 100x depending on quality.

    First Question: Who is WE?
    Second Question: What data or analysis backs up your “assurance”?
    A 10x to 100x appreciation is a BS prediction to make in this soft market IMO.

    2x to 10x “maybe” over the next 5-10 years. No doubt there could be a few lucky brandables that defy the norm if a compnay really wants the name (ie. But in reality I can’t see many $1k names going up 100x to $ 100,000 or any $5k names going up 100x to $500,000!!!

  7. BrianWick says

    Now “jeff schneider” – will I see there at TRAFFIC – and at the auction – Personally – I want to glue myself to your shoulder for “advice” during the auction.

    Very Very Gratefully Brian Wick ( (

  8. Michael H. Berkens says

    Saw it but its for their own and operated domains only

    Its a continuing of the race to the bottom

    Domaining 6.0

  9. says

    Hello MHB,

    You know and I know the best judge of ,Virtual Business Foundations is Rick. I cannot fathom the negativity of some of the commentors. Shoot first ask questions later, seems to be the civility of the day for SOME not ALL. Some of you people need to get a grip, and chill out.

    There really is We beyond ME. I have friends and colleagues that are of the same opinion as Rick Schwartz. Why do you want to burn people to the ground that know whats good for you and others. Those who miss this major Asset play move will look back and say Wow I shot myself in the foot for not listening to someones advice other than my own.

    The answer for success lies right before anyone willing to put up more than a 7$ reg. fee and those who think its all over ,guess what? It is over for you but not for others. Take the advice of a sage old Marketer that has studied markets for over 45 years. 10 % of the total smoke that covers the true values of Virtual Business Foundations has almost been cleared away. Domain names are much more than a 7$ reg fee, Look behind the smoke screen presented by, Registrars, Domainers loaded with Dot whatevers, Icann, Ad marketers, and future spec buyers that hope you dont wake up so they can benefit from the smoke screen.

    If you want the worlds largest streamed traffic patterns in recorded history the Foundations are there, you just have to open your eyes to the possibilities. you think guys like Frank Schilling And Amar and Rick are FOOLS and are lying to you about the possibilities that you are blinded to?? STOP Regging and start Investing, berfore its over, 10 years from now.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  10. says

    We just want to congratulate all those that submit their names for this auction. Good luck for all of you.
    Why not thinking an auction for “secondary” domains as they called it? Domain web sites are showing many sales of domains like or Why not an auction for this kind of two-words domain? Electric providers don´t want it? Fax companies don´t want it?
    However we understand, you guys just want to play with the big ones. Domaining market oblige?

  11. Aggro says

    LOL @ Jeff “nutcase” Schneider

    Here are some of his “best” domains
    These were the best he could get even back in 2000 (LOL):

    And get this – the fricking nutcase only wants $6M for (go to the site) PLUS equity share in any venture!!!

    You couldn’t make this shit up

    Self proclaimed “marketing expert”Bwahahaha

    Well…at least they’re dot com…”Dot com is king”…Bwahahaha


  12. BillW says

    @Jeff Schneider-

    You didn’t answer my questions, and now your spouting about $7 reg fee domains. I don’t think you will find any of those at the TRAFFIC auction, which is what this thread is about.

    You stated: “WE can assure you that most if not all selections will appreciate 10x to 100x depending on quality”….referring to the TRAFFIC auction. To say this you must be privvy to the list and asking prices.

    I just *nicely* asked “who” was the WE that would “assure” this appreciation of these domains before we consider purchasing.

  13. Grim says

    “The market is soft and to be honest, it may be in your best interest to wait for the next pop. ”


    Agreed. Terrible time to sell. Will likely be some good bargains for buyers, though.

  14. Conference Goer says

    Jeff Schneider has become a Robert Cline like character.

    He believes he’s being persuasive when really, consensus opinion of him is as some kind of whackjob. Like RobertCline, he actually winds up damaging the brand of whatever he writes about, since his words are so plainly absurd, they become influential in a negative, “do the opposite” sort of way.

    Unfortunately for TRAFFIC, it seems he’s now decided to help out there.

  15. says


    I noticed you switched over to How do you like it so far and how does it compare to DomainHoldings/DomainPower?

  16. says

    Hello MHB

    Isnt it interesting that every detractor knows my name , but they remain nameless? I am not worried about the nameless and spineless. If I reach even 10 of the people reading this thread, I have achieved my goal.

    Some people want to know the truth and others remain in denial and are perfectly happy being perfectly miserable. Its always the whiners that respond never people who have some valuable feed back.

    The irony in all this is trying to help certain people is a thankless job,but I know some people will check my content and credentials and benefit,those are the ones that will be on my shoulder when I finally attend a traffic conference, the others they will be clinging to the negative energy types like themselves.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  17. BillW says

    @Jeff Schneider: You are not answering straight forward questions. You post as some kind of “expert” but you provide zero data or references to back up what you say. How can you expect people to take you seriously?

    You say “I know some people will check my content and credentials and benefit”.
    OK, we’re all ears, feel free to provide relevant credentials.

    You say (about the TRAFFIC auction) ” These are hand picked Gems by the best in the business.” So I am asking: Have you seen the submissions in order to make that statement???

    You say ” We can assure you that most if not all selections will appreciate 10x to 100x depending on quality.” I asked, who WE is (or is just YOU) but so far you don’t see to want to answer. I also asked where you got this 10x-100x appreciation figure from, that is quite simply an outrageous and reckless prediction IMO.

    You say ” The secondary market in .COMS has barely gotten off the ground.” So I am asking what is your data or information is gathered from in making this prediction? If you have credible data, then provide it.

    Back up what you say or don’t expect to be taken seriously!

  18. BrianWick says

    So Jeff Schneider you claim –
    “The secondary market in .COMS has barely gotten off the ground”
    Agreed – and only after the first round of new’s next year will that be realized.
    But with what I have read – I am confident that we differ on the definition of “Secondary Market” domains.

    That said what does this mean ?
    “The irony in all this is trying to help certain people is a thankless job”
    Are you talking about your doctor or the person in the mirror you are looking at ?

    Really Really Very Very Gratefully ( – Not affiliated with Metal Tiger) (

  19. Michael H. Berkens says


    We are always testing

    Domainpower does better with a subset of the domains, as internet traffic and other do as well.

    We have tested up our domains for as long as we can remember unless we have a special deal.

  20. says

    Am I reading this correctly that second level domains refer to 2 word domains. Is traffic only going to accept single word premium .com’s then?

    I’d also gather that even presenting a non .com for the traffic auction would be quickly shot down.

  21. BJ Jones says

    I was wondering if anyone had an address to send in domain submissions for the auction.

    I have a couple of domains I want to submit, and I do not know how to do it.

    I hope someone can help.

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