DomainSponsor Teams Up With Internet Security Experts Cymru to Combat Malware

According to a press release just out,, which owns and operates which receives “over 250 million unique visitors per month”, announced today that it has entered into an agreement involving its DomainSponsor business unit and Team Cymru, a specialized Internet security research firm and non-profit dedicated to making the Internet more secure by helping organizations identify and eradicate problems in their network”.

“Given the size and scope of Oversee’s DomainSponsor traffic monetization network, it is in a uniquely advantageous position to help detect and identify potentially malicious communications to share via its relationship with Team Cymru to benefit the wider Internet Security Community. “

“As part of the Agreement, DomainSponsor will provide Team Cymru with information on suspected fraudulent traffic hitting its network. ”

“After analyzing this real-time information, Team Cymru will then facilitate the communication of malicious activity to the Internet Security Community. It is expected that this real-time “early warning system” created by Oversee and Team Cymru will help Internet Service Providers (ISPs), hosting companies and other entities take preventative steps to protect their networks from being adversely affected by malicious activity online.”

“Another key element of the agreement involves Team Cymru providing Oversee with tools and data that will help it take additional steps to identify and block malicious traffic on its network.”

“There is a common misperception in the Internet Security Community that domain parking networks spread malware because occasionally expired domains previously involved in malware activity are unknowingly bought and placed on domain parking networks,” said Debra Domeyer, CEO of”.

“Malicious traffic is bad for everyone. That’s why we’re so excited to be sharing our domain parking network data with an Internet Security Community leader like Team Cymru. We want to support their efforts to help other companies avoid network problems caused by malware and to help users have a safer online experience. We are also very excited to be receiving their help in taking our fraudulent traffic prevention capabilities to the next level.”

“When it comes to Internet security, visibility is key. With the help of Oversee, our ability to identify and understand threats will increase considerably due to their global network and traffic volume,” said Dave Monnier, Security Evangelist and Fellow at Team Cymru. “This partnership is certainly going to help us more quickly identify malicious activity online, and get that information out to the Internet community early enough to help other businesses and consumers avoid becoming victims and manage the impact of those hosts already affected.”

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